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High End Smart Home Products

Individual Products to enhance a Smart Home System.

In addition to our core brands (Crestron, Lutron, Artcoustic etc) we work with a number of specialist manufacturers - people who produce exceptional products which work well when installed into one of our larger Smart Home Automation Systems. These products are often the ones which add the wow factor -whether the technology is a TV lift, Moving Picture mechanism or Mirror TV in the bathroom, they have to perform flawlessly and be designed with integration in mind. We only work with companies who give us amazing support, often due to the profile of our projects manufacturers are happy to visit to calibrate or commission their products. These services are a small part of the bigger picture which sets us apart from the competition.

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Future Automation Lifts

Hide your TV away when it isn't required!

Future Automation produce some of the finest "moving audio visual solutions" available. Their products enable us to hide TVs and Projectors away until they are required - increasing aesthetics in the room. The lifts are so advanced that TVs can be brought out of hiding and then pivoted or moved in to the optimum viewing position. Projectors can be hidden in roof voids and only lowered when required, great for multi-use rooms such as living rooms which double as cinemas. Moving panel mechanisms allow TVs to be covered over when not in use, cabinet work or artwork can be moved out of the way to allow TV viewing - interior designers love these products as housing devices in rooms has always been a compromise to the room design. The products are extremely reliable and are in use in thousands of scenarios from homes to yachts. All the lifts are easily controlled via a Crestron or AMX Automation system.

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Case Study

BathOMatic Automatic Bath Filling

Automatically Run the Perfect Bath - Everytime!

The Bathomatic bath filling system can be the finishing touch to your bathroom complex. If we have already created an oasis in your home with integrated Mirror TV's showing DVD's from your Kaleidescape DVD server and plumbed in hidden speakers letting you listen to your favourite CDs then Bathomatic is the next step! The fully automatic system will lower your plug and fill your bath to your predetermined depth and temperature - that is unique for you, not the temperature for bathing the kids but the temperature you like and find most relaxing. Whilst filling the bath the system can add your desired oils and bubble bath - if you would like to feel energised rather than relaxed then picking a different profile can give you different oils. Combine this will lighting scenes and you have a totally different bathing experience from one press of a touchpanel.

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Aquavision Mirror TV

Perfect for Bathroom TV Installations

Aquavision mirror TVs are the perfect addition to our usual multi-room audio and video distribution systems. Imagine being able to watch your Sky HD TV recordings or a Kaleidescape provided DVD in the bath! As the TV is completely waterproof we also install them in swimming pools, kitchens and spa's. Heated elements mean the screen will never cloud up no matter how much steam is in the room. The sets are available in a variety of sizes from 10.4" up to a massive 40" wide screen whilst still being slim enough to be installed in any stud wall or partition. If space is at a premium the Aquavision range can even be incorporated in to a designer towel rail. The units all have connections which enable us to integrate the units with Crestron or AMX control systems ensuring the maximum of convenience and the usual access to high quality high definition video. You could even view your CCTV cameras on the screen so you can see if the visitor at the door is worthy of interrupting your bath for.

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Sonos Music Systems

A Huge Amount of Music at your Fingertips

We install Sonos players in to the AV hub of most of our Whole House Audio systems. The system is a perfect way to enjoy music around the home - internet radio allows clients to enjoy their favourite radio stations whilst Spotify provides a huge range of music! By centralising the Sonos players we ensure no ugly boxes in the room whilst providing better quality audio through ceiling speakers and surround sound packages. All of our systems allow calibration to take in to account room characteristics and audio can be enhanced by discreet subwoofers. Our system is so flexible that players can be streamed to individual rooms or rooms can be joined together in to parties.

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Bowers & Wilkins Speakers

Bowers & Wilkins Custom Install Dealers

We are very pleased to be a partner of the British speaker manufacturer B&W. We have access to the full range of equipment from their custom install range to the 800 series speakers installed in Abbey Road Studios. The sound quality and standard of finish is second to none as is the backing and support we get. As a custom installer we install speakers from the entire range in our projects - including high end listening rooms. The custom install range is extremely extensive - this offers us a broad range to source from, there is a price and capability for every scenario. Speakers can be placed in the kitchen ceiling or weatherproof speakers installed in the garden all with access to your CD collection. Please view our past and present client list to see where we have been working over the last year or so.

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Axis IP CCTV Dealer & Installer

IP CCTV Cameras and More...

We have access to the full range of AXIS products from Day/Night IP CCTV cameras to Hard Drive Network Recorders. AXIS products are in use around the world in a huge variety of situations and we have extensive experience integrating their products in to our Home Automation projects. Motion Detection technology can trigger events around the home including switching displays or touchpanels to the required camera whilst switching lights on to simulate a disturbed home owner. IP Cameras can allow huge systems to be designed,installed and commissioned in a very straightforward manner with the output being available, over a secure connection, anywhere in the world. Installation can be as straightforward as one ethernet cable to the camera point with all power, video and audio being transmitted simultaneously. Crestron and AXIS IP cameras work beautifully together. Once installed we have the option of viewing, and controlling, CCTV cameras on Crestron touchpanels or TV's throughout the home. 

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Honeywell Smart Heating Controls

Wireless Heating Controls - Green Controls with Convenience

Honeywell Smart Heat controls enable your home to have an automated heating system - increasing convenience and saving energy and therefore running costs. The system operates wirelessly enabling easy retrofit whilst remaining suitable for new build properties. The system can easily control underfloor heating manifolds and standard radiators via wireless TRV's (Thermostatic Radiator Valves). The TRV's provide precise timer programs and temperature controls of rooms - ensuring much more control than traditional analogue TRV's. The Honeywell Hometronic system enables easy control by the home owner and allows multile temperature setpoints throughout the day (for example keeping an unused lounge cooler throughout the day) and the advanced TRV's and underfloor heating controllers provide a more constant heat with less of the hot and then cold cycling associated with old style analogue controls. Integration with security alarms can even reduce setpoints throughout the home when the alarm is set and automatically ramp them up when you return home. The Hometronic system can even control compatible airconditioning units from the likes of Mitsubishi and Daikin. This control ensures heating and colling are working together to maintain setpoints and not fighting each other by both operating at once. The above alarm integration also removes the worry of leaving air-conditioning running when leaving the home.

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