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About Custom Controls

Background, Who We Are and What Sets Us Apart From the Competition

Custom Controls was founded in 1998 by Dave Chester after researching companies to install a Home Automation system in his home. As an Infrastructure Project Manager working for some of the worlds largest companies (Banks, Insurance and Retail) the solutions and approach found in the industry at the time were lacking in structure and flexibility – eventually Dave decided to apply the approach from the corporate world to installing Home Automation Systems. As a fully trained and practicing infrastructure engineer who specialised in data centre moves and providing infrastructure to new companies reliability and flexibility was key. This approach still applies today – each of our systems is designed from the ground up to be efficient, reliable and easy to support – these factors benefit our customers hugely and ensure our systems work for years with minimal maintenance and issues. Initially Custom Controls offered Crestron programming to third parties but after finding their designs and approach lacking we now only offer design and build services to private clients.

Our Technical Manager, Gary O’Toole, has a background in recording studios – both working in and designing new installations – and is passionate about Home Cinema and AV in general. After becoming involved in Crestron programming Gary became involved in the Superyacht industry, working for one of the world’s largest yacht AV companies – travelling around the world programming and commissioning Crestron systems. Yachts are one of the most demanding environments to install Crestron systems – environmental challenges around space and heat are further complicated by the flexible requirements demanded by the world’s wealthiest clients and their guests. Eventually the demands of the job and being away from home so much meant a change was required and Gary started working for a Crestron Programming company – specialising in Crestron and AMX programming for dealers and installers who do not have the skills in house. This role provided huge amounts of experience, literally seeing different approaches and different projects every day. 

At Custom Controls we are an open and forward thinking company – we love debate and any staff member is encouraged to question why we do things as we do and suggest improvements. We have invested huge amounts of time and experience ensuring our designs are the best they can possibly be which ensures our Crestron systems are the best available. We constantly monitor the home automation and entertainment market to evaluate new products and stay cutting edge – cutting through the marketing hype of new products to ascertain if they will serve our customers better than our current solutions.

We have offices in Manchester, London and the French Alps but operate internationally for discerning clients who appreciate quality and reliability. We truly feel we offer the best Home Automation and Entertainment Systems in the world – we push the boundaries and ourselves to deliver the best available for each and every client. This is the reason we have multiple awards and clients return to us time and time again – most of our new work comes from word of mouth and client recommendation.

Custom Controls