I don’t like Technology! Will it be Easy to Use?

Yes! Our systems are designed to be extremely easy to use. As we bring multiple devices together on to one remote control or interface our systems are easier to use than the individual systems. For example a simple heating page with a temperature set point allows you to easily make the room cooler or warmer – the fact our system controls underfloor heating and air-conditioning is transparent, if the room needs to be cooler we switch off the underfloor heating and bring on the air-conditioning. We can control multiple devices through one easy to use interface.

All your AV devices have the same look and feel so it doesn’t matter if you are controlling Sky, Apple TV or Amazon TV – the interface is the same. We can even create custom shortcuts to frequently used services – in Dubai the home page of the kitchen touch panel contains radio station favourites allowing clients to switch on the radio, their most common source in the kitchen. This understanding of the clients requirements and the power of our systems combine to create the perfect Smart Home system.

Our systems are regularly used by visitors and staff, some of whom don’t speak English – there is no training required to use one of our systems.