In relation to Home Cinema what does “Anamorphic” mean?

As part of your research in to home cinema rooms you may have come across the term “anamorphic” and seen images of cinemas with different projector screens.  Anamorphic home cinema rooms feature screens which are wider (for a given height) than a “normal” widescreen picture – like your TV probably has. More screen is better and a larger width definitely makes a home cinema more “immersive”. To work properly we install an extra lens kit in front of a compatible projector – this ensures that a compatible film is then displayed to fill the entire film. On BluRay packaging you will often see a ratio of 2.39:1 or similar. For comparison a widescreen image is 1.78:1.

If you inspect your BluRay library you will find the vast majority are anamorpohic films – on a widescreen home cinema the extra picture is simply discarded!

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