What is a Lighting Control System?

A lighting control system is an intelligent system which allows you to control the lighting in your home. A single room may contain “circuits” of lights which means they will dim and switch off on and off together – in a normal living room circuits might be as follows: Pendant in the centre of the ceiling, downlights round the outside of the ceiling, a picture light on the chimney breast and two table lamps. These lights could be split in to five circuits allowing each lamp to be independently controlled – dimmed up and down and switched on and off. The status of lamps can be saved and recalled by using a “lighting keypad”. Pressing button 1 on the lighting keypad can ensure the lights go to dimmed level the homeowner has preprogrammed. Pressing button 2 could be different levels again. The levels can be set to different levels to allow for different activities in the room – entertaining, tv watching, reading etc. There is no limit to the number of lighting channels which can be controlled by a keypad. A whole house lighting control system replicates the above in each room of the home and lighting keypads by the entrance doors can control many rooms – either switching lights on as you arrive or off when you leave.