Why would I need wired Touchpanels rather than an iPad?

We usually install one or more wired touchpanel in every job. iPads are great to use as remote controls but a wired touchpanel is always in the same place, doesn’t suffer from any wireless or update issues and can’t be dropped and damaged. We have a variety of panel sizes to choose from – 7″ (TSW-752) and 10″ (TSW-1052) through to 20″ (TSD-2020) and generally the bigger the panel the easier it is to use.
In our higher end installations every room may be equipped with a touchpanel as this allows intercom around the home – “Call the kitchen” etc – and also allows panels to call users – “Call Dad”. Touchpanels can also fully integrate with security systems showing CCTV, which rooms are occupied and alarm status. A single touchpanel can allow easy control of any electrical device in the home – they are very powerful things!