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Bespoke Home Security Installations

High End Home Security Systems for Private Homes

Our home security systems are truly bespoke Рdesigned from the ground with each home owner in mind. Perimeter protection and monitored CCTV can ensure your grounds are covered. We operate a leafed approach to security Рdifferent elements protect your home with an overall aim of ensuing your home is never at risk. Full integration with a Crestron home automation system allows easy monitoring of subsystems (such as intruder alarm, CCTV and Perimeter Protection) and automated events to occur such as bring lights on in certain areas. Our monitoring station can even have audio feedback in to external areas, allowing operators to warn a potential intruder before they get close to property. Integrating security in to a Crestron Home Automation system makes perfect sense Рhigh definition CCTV cameras can be viewed on touch panels as well as televisions in addition to preset actions such as lights being brought on when movement is detected. Easy remote viewing from a client supplied iPhone or iPad allows complete peace of mind. The monitoring station can also remotely monitor any required sub systems such as fire alarms, water sensors or pumps Рalerting the home owner to any issues as soon as they occur.

Please note that we currently only offer security system installations as part of a fuller home automation system.

Custom Controls