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Fully Monitored Home Security – CCTV, Intruder Alarms & Perimeter Protection

Our home security systems are truly bespoke and designed for High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth clients.  Each Security System is designed from the ground up for each client. We operate a leafed approach to security – different elements protect your home with an overall aim of ensuing your home is never at risk. Full integration with a Crestron home automation system allows easy monitoring of subsystems (such as intruder alarm, CCTV and Perimeter Protection) and automated events to occur such as bring lights on in certain areas. Our monitoring station can even have audio feedback in to external areas, allowing operators to warn a potential intruder before they get close to property. Integrating security in to a Crestron Home Automation system makes perfect sense – high definition CCTV cameras can be viewed on touch panels as well as televisions in addition to preset actions such as lights being brought on when movement is detected. Easy remote viewing from a client supplied iPhone or iPad allows complete peace of mind. The monitoring station can also remotely monitor any required sub systems such as fire alarms, water sensors or pumps – alerting the home owner to any issues as soon as they occur.

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IP CCTV Installations for Homes & Gardens

Our IP CCTV installations work in conjunction with the high end security systems to allow the home owner to view their property whilst in the home or from anywhere in the world via mobile phone. Discreet internal and external cameras can cover the whole home in high definition and can be displayed in TV’s and touchpanels throughout the home. A trure high definition picture enables the image to be zoomed many times without loss of resolution. CCTV systems don’t get any more advanced than thermal imaging cameras, now available for residential CCTV installations. They allow people to be easily identified even in total darkness and don’t suffer from problems with sudden changes in light levels like standard cameras can. Using thermal imaging cameras is a straightforward way to build a thermal cloak around a property making identification of an intruder easy. The nature of the thermal image makes the system incredibly difficult to hide from. Integrating CCTV with other security systems makes perfect sense – motion detected by the perimeter protection system can ensure cameras are automatically trained on the right part of the home and cameras on screens in the home can be multiplexed to show the last four cameras which detected movement. This motion tracking functionality allows the home owner to determine the path a potential intruder and react accordingly.

Access Control Systems and Door Entry Systems

High End Home Security Systems

Integrating Access Control systems in to a home automation system makes perfect sense – not only can actions be performed when a caller rings the door bell but you can view the intercom system from any touchpanel in the home. Bringing lights on by the front door can gently illuminate visitors to increase security but the same system can also prepare the home when you arrive. Imagine opening the front gates, or garage door, and the home bringing on the lights as you like them, brings the heating up from it’s away mode and opening down stairs blinds – all preprogrammed to your wishes and automated so you don’t have to lift a finger. You could even be greeted by your favourite radio station playing in the kitchen. Access control systems add huge amounts of convenience to the home – determining who has access and at what times increases security hugely. Our systems allow different key fobs to have different access rights – grounds staff can access external buildings but not the core buildings, cleaning staff only have access during the day etc. Our access control systems also allow viewing and two way communication with the gate intercom system from anywhere in the home through a Crestron touchpanel. This level of integration allows any room in the house to communicate with the gate.

Perimeter Security & Intruder Detection for Your Home

Perimeter detection allows you to detect intruders before they reach your home. There are a number of technologies available to suit every type of project from passive beam detectors, vibration sensors, advanced video motion capture devices and wireless volumetric sensors. Fences and gates can become the first line of defence incorporating electronic monitors backed up by passive beams sweeping the grounds to pick up any human movement (animals and birds have a different movement pattern and are discounted). Any number of these devices can be placed in combination both in and around your home to create an envelope of protection. As with all our security solutions, perimeter detection can be integrated into a home automation project. Integration with CCTV systems can ensure complete recording of any event which breaks the perimeter in addition to lighting the area. Should any system pick up a potential intruder than occupants can be alerted and the system switched to allow easy monitoring. Real time alarms and video footage can be accessed from a range of touchpanels and display devices. Remote system access can also give you the option of monitoring access to the property from any internet location in the world.