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High End Sonos installers for Sonos Multi-Room Audio Systems

Sonos is a great way for clients to experience the benefits of a home entertainment system – simply installing a Play:3 or Play:5 in to a kitchen allows clients to experience a wealth of audio sources – internet radio, Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes – the list is endless but guarantees there is a musical experience for everyone.As Sonos installers we love bringing a clients home alive to the sound of music!

As Custom Sonos Installers we build on the experience clients have of music in one or two rooms – typically for new build and homes undergoing substantial renovation. We design the Sonos system from the ground up to be reliable, flexible and discreet. By centralising the Sonos system we can upgrade the sound quality using high end ceiling speakers and extending coverage throughout the home – taking the Sonos experience and improving upon it. By installing the amplifiers in the correct manner and partnering with outstanding wifi we can guarantee a reliable and enjoyable experience for home owners.

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Sonos Playbar & Surround Sound Systems

Sonos Playbar systems can be a great way to upgrade the audio from a flat panel TV – whilst still providing access to the usual online music services. We regularly specify the Playbar system with an extra under TV case which is made to the width of the TV, making the solution look properly designed and also enhancing bass response from the Playbar itself – a stunning solution! Enhancing the standard playbar with surround channels and subwoofers also regularly features in our designs.

Sonos and Alexa Integration

Even with our centralised approach to audio distribution Alexa integration works perfectly, removing the need for an iPad or iPhone control. Simply stating “Alexa, play my relaxation playlist in the kitchen.” switches your favourite music on. Adjusting the volume is equally straightforward.