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Since becoming a Crestron dealer in 1998 we have specialised in designing, programming and installation of high end systems for large homes, yachts and high end offices. Our systems are reliable, flexible and powerful. In addition to new projects we often take on support and maintenance of systems installed by others. Our designs are modular and can incorporate a huge variety of elements from lighting controls and home automation through to multi-room audio video – we have even controlled fire pits and swimming pools on past projects. We have access to the excellent Crestron Showroom in Londoncontact us to arrange a visit.

Industry Leading Crestron UK Support and Maintenance

Our systems are designed with ongoing reliability in mind. We are notified of any issues and maintenance requirements automatically ensuring we can deal with anything before a client is aware – whether it’s a need for a new bulb in a projector or a power breaker has taken some lighting circuits off line. This pro-active approach makes us unique in the custom installation industry – we employ pro-active support which produces happy clients project after project. As a result, our reputation is so good we regularly take over support of systems installed by other companies – working to bring them up to our high standards before providing on going support. The majority of our take over jobs are located in London but we do work worldwide – as evidenced by our extensive portfolio.

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Crestron Home Automation System Specialists

A Crestron system can add convenience and simplicity to your home and life. The central automation processor sits over electrical systems in your home – either Crestron or 3rd party ones – and ensures they work to make your home a nicer place to be. Our systems often include multi-room audio video systems, lighting controls, electronic curtains and heating (and cooling where relevant). All these systems are easily controlled by an on-wall touchpanel, a remote control or an iPhone/iPad and each system works in harmony with the others. Our systems excel in larger homes by easily controlling lighting for huge areas at the touch of a button or automatically closing blinds around the property at nightfall. Our systems are extremely flexible and we love working with clients to design a system which delights them.

Crestron Audio Video Systems

Crestron manufacturer the most flexible and powerful audio video systems available. The new Crestron NAX audio system is an IP based audio system which is infinitely scalable with each amplifier being powerful enough to drive the most demanding speakers. Being IP based each channel of audio can be its own audio source with Spotify, Apple Music etc built in to each individual channel. A hugely flexible solution to audio distribution. The tried and tested Crestron NVX video distribution allows 4K video sources to be encoded and distributed via an IP network before decoded at the display with no loss of quality. The NVX system is infinitely scalable allowing truly flexible video solutions – any decoder can access any encoder for total flexibility. This flexibility also means any network point can become an input for a games console for example!

Crestron Lighting and Electronic Blinds / Curtains

Crestron lighting is one of the most flexible lighting control solutions on the market with options for both new build and retrofit projects. Any type of light fitting can be controlled and integrated in to lighting scenes which are easily recalled by tapping a lighting keypad. Clients can easily configure lighting scenes using either an iPad or an Crestron touchpanel. Electronic blinds and curtains work with the lighting control system to create the perfect environment – the lighting system can even close blinds to compensate for solar gain, controlling temperatures naturally. We design our lighting systems before construction starts and deliver ready to go DIN rail cabinets for site electricians to work with as they install lighting channels.

FIVE times Crestron Integration Award Winners:

We are extremely proud to have won the prestigious Crestron Integration Awards for Five Consecutive years – making us unique in EMEA and awarding us Dealer of Distinction status.

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Smart Homes in London | Cheshire | Dubai – working Worldwide

We have teams of trained and accredited engineers available in London, Cheshire and Dubai – working on designing, programming and installing systems full time to deliver projects we can be proud of. Our London office – behind St Pauls – covers the whole of the South of England and our Manchester office tends to cover Manchester and Cheshire. We regularly work abroad.

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