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High End Crestron Home Automation Installation – London & Cheshire Based, Working Worldwide.

Since becoming Crestron dealers in 1998 we have speclialised in designing, programming and installation of high end systems for large homes, yachts and high end offices. Our systems are reliable, flexible and powerful. In addition to new projects we often take on support and maintenance of systems installed by others. Our designs are modular and can incorporate a huge variety of elements from lighting controls and home automation through to multi-room audio video – we have even controlled fire pits and swimming pools on past projects!

Our Crestron Award Winning Projects

We are extremely proud to have won the prestigious Crestron Integration Awards for Five Consecutive years – making us unique in EMEA.

High End Crestron Lighting and Home Automation Systems

Crestron lighting solutions are the best available – market leading solutions for new build and wireless solutions for existing properties. Installing Crestron lighting alongside their home automation system makes perfect sense. Fully integrated systems allow clients to easily control lighting and window coverings (curtains, blinds etc) from the same interface as controlling the audio video or heating. Digital dimming coupled with LED lamps produces huge savings when whole home energy consumption is taken in to account – all whilst adding mood and ambiance to a space! Lighting Control is the first thing we would specify on a new build property.  A Crestron Home Automation system allows us to control anything electrical in the home – providing simple and reliable controls which are easy to use. Using Artificial Intelligence allows us to create a truly Smart Home which produces energy savings and convenience – a perfect solution for the larger home. We are recognised by Crestron as one of their leading residential dealers.

Industry Leading Crestron Support and Maintenance

Our systems are designed with ongoing reliability in mind. We are notified of any issues and maintenance requirements automatically ensuring we can deal with anything before a client is aware – whether it’s a need for a new bulb in a projector or a power breaker has taken some lighting circuits off line. This pro-active approach makes us unique in the custom installation industry – we employ pro-active support which produces happy clients project after project. Our reputation is so good we regularly take over support of systems installed by other companies – working to bring them up to our high standards before providing on going support.

Certified Programming & Design

All our control system programming and design is performed in house by fully trained members of staff. We have accredited and fully trained programmers as part our team – this ensures easy changes to your system in the future and one point of contact for our clients. Too many Crestron dealers outsource their programming requirements which makes future changes difficult and expensive whilst opening up the potential for commercial disputes. For these reasons we program in-house and always offer a copy of the programming code to clients on completion – something which is essential for any project. On occasion we offer programming services to third party Crestron dealers, provided we are engaged early and the system design meets our exacting standards. We regularly make programming changes and system upgrades to systems installed by others.

London and Cheshire Offices – working Worldwide

We have teams of trained and accredited engineers available in our London and Cheshire offices – working on designing, programming and installing systems full time to deliver projects we can be proud of. Our London office – behind St Pauls – covers the whole of the South of England and our Manchester office tends to cover Manchester and Cheshire. We regularly work abroad with projects in the Middle East and further afield.