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Smart Home Integration of Renewable Energy Technologies

By far the biggest growth area of our work is integrating renewable energy technologies in to our Crestron Smart Home systems. These integrations can be as straightforward as heating controls right the way through to integrated battery energy storage and precise control of heat recovery systems. The benefits can be huge and really maximise the return on a clients investment – allowing clients to live off grid or as close to it as possible. As usual our focus is always on the client experience, in addition to maximising ROI we ensure systems provide the most client comfort possible and systems are straightforward to use – simplifying control and adjustment within set parameters. Too often we see renewable energy systems which dont work in harmony with the home or only one member of the household understands how they work or should be adjusted. We remove the mystique and allow anyone to control the systems.

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Crestron Renewable Energy Integration | Efficient, Precise Controls

We can integrate most types of renewal energy system but some are easier than others so it is important to talk to us early in the project. Our systems monitor how much energy is being produced and how much energy the home is using. This information can be used by the home owner to manually save money – dimming or turning down lights or lower a heating setpoint for example. Our system can also intelligently use any excess power produced to get the biggest saving – prewarming immersion heaters for hot water and underfloor heating or diverting energy to the swimming pool. These settings can easily be changed, over ridden or scheduled by using a centralised touch-panel. Intelligent use of a heat recovery system can have a huge impact on energy use. Imagine south facing rooms with picture windows heating up as sun streams in to the room. Traditionally home owners would either shut the blinds, open a window or, if they are very lucky, switch on the air conditioning. With our intelligent systems the unwanted solar gain can be moved to a north facing room – pre-warming the master en-suite for instance or moving warm air down to the basement, gently warming traditionally colder parts of the house and keeping the fabric of the home warmer – for free! This kind of approach allows us to intelligently heat ski chalets in a very energy efficient manner.

FIVE times Crestron Integration Award Winners:

We are extremely proud to have won the prestigious Crestron Integration Awards for Five Consecutive years – making us unique in EMEA and awarding us Dealer of Distinction status.

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Simplified Control of Complex Systems

The home owner has complete control – they can monitor which devices are consuming the most energy in the home and either schedule them to work as efficiently as possible – for instance running laundry machines when energy production is highest or running underfloor heating when the immersion heaters are at their peak. Simple touches and scheduling can have a huge impact on energy usage in the home whilst making the environment as comfortable as possible. Br bringing lots of subsystems under the umbrella of a Crestron system we can allow easy control through one interface and simple requests, eg for heating, can perform different actions depending on circumstances, eg redirecting warm air from the orangery to the kitchen.

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