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Kaleidescape Movie Servers and Player systems offer a unique proposition: download and play 4K HDR (high dynamic range) films direct from the online store at better than Blu-Ray quality, or store and catalogue your existing DVD and Blu-Ray films. The exceptionally easy to use on-screen interface allows you to easily select films from your collection based on cover art with similar films being grouped together – highlighting one thriller will automatically “shuffle” other film covers which are related – revolutionising the way clients enjoy their film collection. If you particularly enjoy a film by a certain director it is easy to view other films by them, or lead actors. The bigger the movie collection, the better the experience.

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Kaleidescape – Download the latest Blockbuster in 4k HDR quality

The future of film viewing is downloadable content. Blu-Ray and DVD discs have size limitations which cap the quality available, but with the download portal, films can be downloaded in better than Blu-Ray quality and purchases appear in your film collection alongside your purchased discs. Films you have traditionally bought on disc and catalogued can even be upgraded to the 4K HDR versions via the portal ensuring the very best picture quality available. This really makes sense when viewing your film through a projector on a huge cinema screen!
Multiple players can be installed in a system allowing simultaneous playback of films throughout a home – start watching a film in the cinema and continue watching in bed, or set the kids watching a film in the living room while adults enjoy a film in the cinema. Films can be categorised so children only have access to certain ratings – children love the cover art view and easily pick up how to select and play their preferred films!
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