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Kaleidescape – The Ultimate Source for your Home Cinema

Kaleidescape Movie Server and Player systems offer a unique proposition: download and play 4K HDR (high dynamic range) films direct from the online store at better than Blu-Ray quality, or store and catalogue your existing DVD and Blu-Ray films. The exceptionally easy to use on-screen interface allows you to easily select films from your collection based on cover art with similar films being grouped together – highlighting one thriller will automatically “shuffle” other film covers which are related – revolutionising the way clients enjoy their film collection. If you particularly enjoy a film by a certain director it is easy to view other films by them, or lead actors. The bigger the movie collection, the better the experience.

Kaleidescape – Download the latest Blockbuster in 4k HDR quality

The future of film viewing is downloadable content. Blu-Ray and DVD discs have size limitations which cap the quality available, but with the download portal, films can be downloaded in better than Blu-Ray quality and purchases appear in your film collection alongside your purchased discs. Films you have tr