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Fast, Reliable & Scalable High End WiFi Designers & Installers for Homes

We specialise in designing high end home wifi installation. The modern home has a huge reliance on a solid network infrastructure and outstanding WiFi – client devices such as phones, tablets and laptops all require strong, fast connections, as do more and more infrastructure devices in the home. This can include TVs, Surround Sound amplifiers, distributed audio systems and even thermostats: all need a WiFi connection that is fast and reliable in order to provide a rewarding user experience. In addition to extending WiFi in to every corner of the home (including exterior spaces) our systems utilise advanced WiFi controllers to ensure the best possible connection for clients. Wireless controllers ensure they are connected to the best access point in the property, passing devices between access points as they move round the home. Simpler systems rely on clients themselves realising a stronger network is available and physically switching, however not everyone does this well so our systems ensure they always connected to the nearest access point with the cleanest signal. The same controller also monitors the wireless network and dynamically changes WiFi channel and access point power to ensure the best possible signal throughout the home – reacting to interference caused by other WiFi networks or environmental conditions in the area.

Overlapping WAPs ensure great coverage

Overlapping WAPs ensure great coverage

Rock Solid & Powerful WiFi Upgrades for Homes

All clients see is a rock solid network which is available everywhere; there are no coverage issues and lighting fast response. We can incorporate any type of internet connection from broadband, lease line and satellite, even using 4G networks to supplement connections or act as a backup. Combining internet connections can remove the limitations of a certain technology, for instance using a slow broadband connection for day to day browsing and then switching to Satellite broadband for downloads. This approach enables us to completely transform the user experience in remote properties which historically suffer from poor internet connections.

Outdoor Wifi Specialists

Our Wifi systems work equally well outdoors – covering the largest of gardens and grounds with no dead spots or speed issues. We are experts at extending wifi in to garden offices, outdoor cinemas, even yoga studios. We guarantee great coverage no matter where on your property you are.