St Georges Hill Home Cinema Room

A High End Cinema Room for a home in St Georges Hill, Weybridge Surrey

St George’s Hill in Weybridge, Surrey is arguably one of the UK’s most exclusive areas to live with stunning individual homes in large stand alone plots. As a fully gated community the area attracts high net worth individuals and families who value privacy and security. It is our pleasure to present this stunning home cinema room design for one of the most prestigious properties in the area!

St Georges Hill Cinema Room Back Row
St Georges Hill Cinema Room Back Row

The Cinema Room Design

The clients brief was for a luxurious space with the absolute best cinematic experience. To accomplish this designed a high end 9.2.4 Dolby Atmos surround sound system with 9 speakers at ear level around the room, two subwoofers installed behind the screen and four speakers in the ceiling for overhead sounds. Stud walling allows us to install the speakers and acoustic treatments before covering with stretched fabric. We employ a similar approach to the ceiling, creating a dropped cove to incorporate lighting (controlled by a Lutron Lighting System) and utilising velvet effect fabric in the center, reminiscent of clouds in the Sky.

St Georges Hill Cinema Room Screen View
St Georges Hill Cinema Room Screen View

The Cinema Equipment

A huge 5m widescreen Screen Excellence projector screen displays an awesome 4K laser lit projection image from a top flight Sony Projector. Sources such as Apple TV, Kaleidescape and Sky TV ensure the clients have access to a huge film library. The viewing angles, coupled with the sound system, ensure complete immersion in the cinematic experience! The projector screen is also acoustically transparent which allows us to create a void behind where we fit the front left, center and right speakers, together with the subwoofers. A Trinnov Audio surround system handles decoding the sound track and powering each of the speakers with best-in-class room correction and audio mapping ensuring the cinema systems sounds at its absolute best. Design touches such as the long pile rug and carpet choice all ensure the room performs at its absolute acoustic best.

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The Cinema Seating

For a home cinema at this level the clients demand absolute comfort. Motorised cinema seats from Home Cinema Modules allow clients to get super comfy with push button control of head rests and foot rests. The completely bespoke nature of the seating even allowed us to specify controls and cup holders in gold, to match the door handles! This attention to detail ensures a completely cohesive room which signals luxury from the moment you enter the space.

St Georges Hill Cinema Room Seating
St Georges Hill Cinema Room Seating
St Georges Hill Cinema Room
St Georges Hill Cinema Room