Installing the Ultimate TV Sound System

A Guide to creating the Ultimate TV Surround Sound System

Modern TVs are fantastic – they can be ultra thin with amazing pictures. The progression from even a few years ago is staggering. The one area which has got worse is the TV sound system. In the old days of big heavy TV cabinets manufacturers could install proper speakers which delivered good quality sound with deep bass. With modern TVs they are so thin there is literally no where to install a speaker so manufacturers have had to install smaller and smaller speakers which has resulted in TV sound getting worse and worse. Luckily we have lots of options to enhance the TV audio from simple sound bars through to ultimate TV surround sound systems. In this article we are going to explore one of the very best systems available – custom designed and built for each specific project.

The Ultimate TV Sound System
The Ultimate TV Sound System

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The Ultimate TV Sound System

Believe it or not the above picture shows the ultimate TV Sound System! We design the system to be discreet in addition to being high performing and now we are going to reveal all and detail every aspect of the system. This picture actually shows a TV sound bar in bespoke width to match the TV width, Two speakers either side of the TV (again in a bespoke height to match the TV), a huge subwoofer to provide low bass and a rack of equipment to power the speakers and stream content. At the rear of the room we have two wall mounted speakers in a custom RAL colour to match the walls and two ceiling speakers to provide height channels for 3D sound formats – see the picture at the bottom.

The Ultimate TV Sound System - Speakers on Show
The Ultimate TV Sound System – Speakers on Show

The above image has the speaker covers removed plus we have numbered each of the individual components which are explained in the list below:

  • 1 – Artcoustic SL24-12 Speakers – These speakers are installed in custom cabinet work either side of the TV and provide Front Left and Right audio for the surround sound system. These speakers are the same as we install in our high end home cinema rooms so the pedigree is exceptional!
  • 2 – Artcoustic Sound Bar – This bespoke sound bar is made to the exact width of the TV and then recessed in to the chimney breast – ensuring a very clean aesthetic. The speaker itself contains the same drive units as the side speakers resulting in a very uniform, high quality sound.
  • 3 – Artcoustic Subwoofer – The Ultimate sound system needs bass and this Artcoustic subwoofer certainly performs. Three 10″ drive units ensure huge amounts of bass are available, reinforcing the sound track and really immersing clients in the action!
  • 4 – The Rack of Audio Video Equipment – The Ultimate sound system needs content and this system benefits from all of the streaming services via an Apple TV in conjunction with Sky TV and a Kaleidescape BluRay Server. Providing a limitless array of content all displayed at stunning 4K resolutions!
  • 5 – Artcoustic SL8-4 (pictured below) – The rear channels, providing surround sound effects, are provided by on wall Artcoustic speakers which are colour matched to the Farrow and Ball paint on the walls for the ultimate discreet look!
  • 6 – Artcoustic Ceiling Speakers – In-Ceiling speakers provide height channels for 3D audio formats such as Dolby Atmos and create a truly immersive audio experience.

The above TV sound system, combined with the stunning room aesthetics, provide a fantastic place to unwind and enjoy films, box sets and live TV. Just imagine reclining on that sofa with your feet up, maybe enjoying a glass of wine from the neighbouring wine cellar!

The Ultimate Viewing Experience
The Ultimate Viewing Experience

If you are looking for more inspiration on TV Sound Systems or Home Cinema in general then we suggest taking a look at our Top 40 Home Cinema Designs article or out Top 5 TV Solutions post.