Private Home Cinema Room – Chatel, France

A Private Home Cinema Room for a Ski Chalet in the French Alps

Chatel in the French Alps is the ultimate playground for the outdoor enthusiast – world class skiing in the winter months and elite level mountain biking in the summer months. This chalet sits in the valley between the main ski lifts and the town, an ideal location. The cinema room was created out of unused basement space during the construction phase and is absolutely perfect for a cinema!

Private Home Cinema Room in Chatel
Private Home Cinema Room in Chatel

The Cinema Room

The room itself is a very good size at 5.8m wide x 6.5m long with a head height of 2.4m – the ideal space for a serious home cinema. We decided to orientate the room with the screen on the wall by the door for a number of reasons – a 3.8m wide projector screen in ultrawide ratio (2.35:1) worked well with the head height and fitted the space left well. We also much prefer to have the doors in line of site when using the cinema – it’s a Feng Shui fundamental that the main entrance door should be in sight when seated. It makes it easier to relax. The room width lends itself to six home cinema seats with a two seater sofa flanked by two cinema chairs. A couple of bean bags allows for extra viewers when required – we even advised the client where to store them for the best acoustic response! A Lutron single room lighting system allows the client to set up lighting scenes and dim the lights from the comfort of the cinema seats via a remote control – guaranteeing the perfect viewing experience!

Private Home Cinema Room in Chatel, Seating
Private Home Cinema Room in Chatel, Seating

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The Cinema Technology

As mentioned above, we installed a Screen Excellence 3.8m wide projector screen in ultra-wide 2.35 ratio which creates the perfect viewing experience for films and movies. The Sony VW7000 laser projector has a huge 3200 lumens of brightness and also has the ability to scale TV-esque widescreen sources to fill the ultra-wide screen. The sound track is provided by an Artcoustic speaker package with three large speakers – from their Evolve range – behind the screen which also houses two huge subwoofers. The rear audio is handled by on-wall speakers with one pair level with the seating on the side walls and one pair on the rear wall. A final pair on the ceiling handle height effects for Dolby Atmos content. This is a speaker package we install a lot of and it sounds absolutely incredible, capable of 100dB plus with ease.

Private Home Cinema Room in Chatel, Screen
Private Home Cinema Room in Chatel, Screen
Private Home Cinema Room in Chatel, Wide View
Private Home Cinema Room in Chatel, Wide View

This Private Home Cinema Room is a fantastic addition to this high end chalet and is a great space for the clients to relax after a hard day of adventure! Contact Us if you would like a similar room in your chalet or home.