Home Cinema Design – Knutsford, Cheshire

A Design for a Dedicated Cinema Room in Knutsford, Cheshire

What a beautiful room! The client brief was for a very high end home cinema experience in a warm and intimate space. The room itself is huge at 6m x 8m – in to the bay window with doors out to the garden. The resulting design has seating for six in “proper” home cinema seats, which electrically recline, and we utilised the clients existing lounge chair and bean bags to accommodate more viewers when friends and family visit. The lounge chair also swivels for a view of the garden, providing the clients with space to relax with a good book.

Home Cinema Design, Knutsford Cheshire
Home Cinema Design, Knutsford Cheshire

The Cinema System

A room of this size and scale needs a high end system and for this cinema room we chose speakers from the Artcoustic range. Behind the cinema screen are three large front channel speakers with two subwoofers providing the low bass soundtrack. Speakers on the rear wall behind the cinema seating work with speakers on the side wall to provide surround sound with another pair of speakers in the ceiling handling height channels – sound effects like helicopters flying overhead! The wall mounted speakers are all colour matched to the Little Greene paint chosen for the walls ensuring the speakers blend in to the decoration.
The Sony projector is breath taking – it delivers a 4k picture which is provided by a laser light source – resulting in an exceptionally bright and clear picture. The cinema screen is a huge 180″ wide (roughly 4.5m wide!) which ensures a truly immersive viewing experience from any of the high end leather seats. The seats themselves are electrically adjustable to recline with independent head rest control and foot support – like the very best first class aircraft seats!

Luxury Home Cinema Knutsford Cheshire
Luxury Home Cinema Knutsford Cheshire

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The Cinema Room Design

When a client comes to us with a request for a home cinema the first thing we do is analyse the space available to determine things like how many seats and what size screen makes sense. Following that decision we design the speaker package and select the best projector we can to maximise return for the budget. These decisions enable us to quote and produce visuals of how the room might look. As part of the visual design we consider lighting and how that will be controlled. Realistically a room such as this needs at least four or five channels of lighting and installing a control system allows us to guarantee the perfect viewing environment every time the room is used. We also use our experience to analyse the finishes in the room to ensure good acoustics – in this room we have specified a deep pile carpet and a rug which will help acoustics and then we can position bean bags in key areas to dampen unwanted reflections. From past experience this room will sound bright and engaging but not tiring – it will be a joy to use on a day to day basis and we wish the clients many years of happy viewing!

Knutsford Home Cinema Room
Knutsford Home Cinema Room

Cinema Construction and Delivery

This home is being fully renovated and extended so actual delivery of this room is some way off. Whilst we wait for the space to become available we produce cabling schematics and construction drawings for the clients existing team of contracts to meet our needs during room construction. We simply come along after the room is decorated to install the equipment and perform the all important calibration and commissioning. This approach keeps costs as low as possible for the clients and ensures an efficient build process. Whilst this work is going on we are also designing the whole home entertainment system and mood lighting control which we hope to photograph and produce an in depth case study for when complete.