Home Cinema Room – Emirates Hills, Dubai

A High End Home Cinema Room For a High End Villa in Emirates Hills

When the owner of this stunning villa in Emirates Hills got in touch the brief was to deliver a luxury home cinema room with seating for at least 10. Luckily the Villa has a sizeable room dedicated to the basement cinema room so we had an ideally sized blank canvas to work from. The client has a young family and expects to enjoy family movie nights in addition to hosting friends for sporting events and movie premieres. We specified comfy day bed style seating on the front row with more formal seating on the back row.

Emirates Hills Home Cinema Room
Emirates Hills Home Cinema Room

The Cinema Room Design

This room was a pleasure to design – we had lots of space to work with and were able to design with no compromises needed! The projector screen sits on a false wall with front speakers installed in a void behind the screen. This approach ties the audio and video together perfectly with a very clean aesthetic. Cupboards under the screen house all the audio video equipment such as amplifiers, Apple TV and Kaleidescape Movie system. In addition to the front wall we created stud walls down the sides and rear to allow us to install acoustic treatments and surround speakers. The whole lot was then covered in a stretched fabric system – hiding everything from view. The lowered cove around the ceiling houses Dolby Atmos height speakers and allows us to install LED strip for a great lighting effect – we use Velvet on the ceiling which gives a great cloud effect when lit in this way!

Emirates Hills Cinema Seating
Emirates Hills Cinema Seating

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The Cinematic Experience

The clean lines of this room hide the fact it is packing a very impressive audio video system. The projector is a Sony professional laser powered projector delivering a huge 3000 lumens of light (easily enough to illuminate the 3.6m wide projector screen!) which is fed from a vast array of sources. Apple TV, Kaleidescape Movie System and local Satellite TV combine to cater for every viewing need.
The sound system is incredibly accurate and powerful with two huge Artcoustic subwoofers delivering bass you can feel. These work in conjunction with the rest of the Artcoustic speaker package – arranged in 9.2.4 format to deliver a stunning audio experience. We ensure each cinema we deliver is perfectly calibrated ensuring the audio system is fully immersive and designed to allow long periods of listening without fatigue.

Emirates Hills Cinema Screen
Emirates Hills Cinema Screen