Family Home Cinema Room, Dubai

A Stunning Home Cinema Room for Family Movie Nights!

What a fantastic room to design! The client’s family have three young children and the brief was to create a magical room which would delight the children and their friends. The relaxed nature of the room, combined with the stuffed animals creates a wonderful atmosphere which works in perfect harmony with the high end cinema system installed!

Family Home Cinema Room, Dubai
Family Home Cinema Room, Dubai

The Cinema Design

The children of the family are all young at 9, 6 and 4 so the soft surfaces and stuffed toys create the perfect cosy atmosphere and as the children grow the toys can be moved out and the movie posters swapped for more age appropriate films. The cinematic experience is provided by a high end Artcoustic speaker package – installed in 7.2.2 format. Behind the huge 3.8m screen are three Artcoustic SL24-12 speakers (for front left, center and right channels) with two huge Artcoustic Sub 3 subwoofers nestled between them. Surround and Rear channels are handled by Artcoustic SL8-4 speakers installed, with acoustic treatments, behind a wool fabric wall system. Ceiling speakers provide height channels for Dolby Atmos duties. This is a system we install a lot and it provides a very high end cinematic experience which is fully immersive – especially when powered by our Trinnov audio system.

Family Home Cinema installed in a Basement
Family Home Cinema installed in a Basement

The 3.8m projector screen displays a picture from a high end Sony laser projector which has access to a wealth of sources – 2 x Apple TVs (one for adults, one for kids!) and satellite TV. As the cinema room is in a basement there is no natural light to consider and a Crestron lighting system controls light levels, allowing us to create the perfect viewing environment.

Family Movie Room, Dubai
Family Movie Room, Dubai

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The Cinema Seating

The seating we chose for this room is a BB Italia Tufty Time which is a modular sofa in classic orange colour. The modular nature allows us to specify foot stools and reconfigure the room easily whilst providing a great informal seating solution. A stack of bean bags allows the room to house friends and family in comfort when the need arises!
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