The Best Home Cinema Rooms start with the Best Designs.

We produce Stunning Renders – Visualise the Cinema before Construction Starts!

Our high end home cinema design service is perfect for clients with dedicated cinema rooms. A cinema which needs to perform at the best of it’s ability needs to be designed from the ground up with acoustics in mind. Room shape can have a huge affect on the acoustic performance of a home cinema audio system. Our systems are designed with a number of fundamental principles in mind:

  • What is the best room shape we can incorporate in to a given room size?
  • Do we need to minimise sound leakage in to the rest of the property?
  • Once the room shape and construction is decided, what in room acoustic treatments are required?

In room acoustic treatments can vary from project to project, they are affected by a huge range of environmental issues. We have a huge suite of acoustic solutions available to us and whilst we make theoretical recommendations based on industry best practice we also tweak treatments during the calibration stage of the installation. Moving an acoustic panel 6″ in a certain direction can sometimes be all it takes.

home cinema lighting design

Lighting Design is crucial to an enjoyable home cinema experience. Both during and after the film lighting levels must be perfect. Our lighting designs work in harmony with our lighting control systems to ensure lamps are dimmed to just the right levels to make the most of projector based home cinemas. Integration with the smart home system can automatically dim lights when a film starts and raise them again when the film is paused or stopped. Lighting can take many forms from wall sconces through to step lights and fibre optic ceilings arranged to resemble the sky at night. We can install a digital dimming suitable for just one room of the home right up to whole home lighting control.

home cinema seating design & supply

We are a specialist installer of a number of makes of home cinema seating. We can design a seating plan to fit any space and can guide clients through the myriad of options to ensure a perfect solution for their particular requirements. Home cinema seating has a huge array of options available – from the traditional arm chair through to day beds and recliners. All share similar qualities, a huge array of fabrics and leathers and the option of motorisation. Foot rests and back rests can be motorised but modern seats have options for chilled beverage holders, massages and ventilation. We are experts in designing seating to maximise the use of a space and produce fully marked plans for all our customers.

Home Cinema Design - Cinema Layout

Home Cinema Design – Cinema Layout