Small Home Cinema Room, London

A High End Immersive Cinematic Experience

This Home Cinema Room Design is for a room measuring just 4.5m x 4.5m – quite a small footprint for a room which needs to deliver a cinematic experience to beat a commercial cinema. Luckily rooms with smaller volumes can develop higher sound pressure levels – the subwoofers in particular have to work less to really create a punch!

Small Cinema Room, London
Home Cinema Seating

The Initial Room Design

The Client was determined to get the best cinematic experience possible in this room with seating for 3 or 4 with provision for occasional extras. With this in mind me we sourced a wrap around sofa in a velvet material which allows seating for 8 people or 5 in absolute comfort. We added a bean bag too which helps with acoustics and doubles as an occasional seat when required. The scalloped ceiling was carried over from the original unused playroom and we painted the everything in Farrow and Ball colours to emphasise the architectural features. The matt paint finish reduces unwelcome reflections, allowing the viewer to focus on the huge projector screen.

Small Home Cinema Room, London
Small Home Cinema Room, London

The Audio Video Package

Our go to speaker manufacturer is Artcoustic Speakers and they really excel in a room like this. The front channels and subwoofers are all hidden behind the huge 3.3m projector screen and the rear and surround speakers are wall mounted. At only 67mm deep and colour matched to the walls they really blend in whilst delivering a stunning audio experience. Artcoustic in-ceiling speakers handle all the height channel audio for formats like Dolby Atmos.
A Sony 4k Laser projector easily illuminates the 3.3m Screen Excellence projector screen with a super crisp image.

Small Home Cinema Room showing Speakers
Small Home Cinema Room showing Speakers

Lighting Design & Control

The lighting design is fairly simple in this room – evenly spaced downlighters are integrated with the scalloped ceiling and provide soft pools of light down the walls and a narrow beam spotlight illuminates the center table. The room is split in to a number of lighting channels all controlled by a Crestron lighting system with the actual programming handled by Crestron Home OS3 – allowing the client to change lighting scenes via an iPad and then recall the scenes via the lighting keypad by the door.

Small Home Cinema Room, London
Small Home Cinema Room, London

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The Cinema Construction

This room was a fairly simple construction from our point of view with the majority of our work being on the interior design side rather than building fabric walls etc. We were handed over a very good shell in the form of an unused playroom so the only actual construction was a stud wall to house the front speakers and projector screen – fortunately this also blocked up the only window in the room allowing us to precisely manage the lighting levels with the above lighting control system.