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Control4 Home Automation systems allow easy control of home cinema rooms and multi-room audio video systems – making your home a perfect entertainment space. Intelligent control of electrical devices in the home – such as lighting and heating – add convenience and energy savings throughout. The Control4 solution can control almost anything from lighting, music, video, security and heating & cooling. As an affordable home automation product the system allows easy programming and integration of a multitude of devices, all working under an easy to use interface. We can even integrate Amazon Alexa for easy voice control!

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Ease of Use

Control4 Multi-Room Audio Video & Lighting Controls

The vast majority of our clients initially contact us with a requirement for Multi-Room audio video systems. A Control4 system allows any room of the property to enjoy music from a wealth of sources and any TV can access centralised sources. We specialise in delivering systems which delight so speaker and TV choice is an important part of the process, each room of each project is unique so definitely not a case of one size fits all!
Clients are often surprised how easy it is to add other functionality on to their systems, with lighting control being a popular addition. Scene driven mood lighting allows a client to instantly recall precise lighting levels throughout the house – showing the home at its best whilst being convenient and saving energy!

Control4 Design & Installation

We use our huge amounts of experience to design the perfect Control4 system for you – no two systems are ever the same. We are specialists in providing the very best system for a clients budget and are used to designing fully integrated systems which delight. We can handle the whole design process from audio acoustic design through to lighting design and we have the backup of a huge number of individually chosen and vetted specialists and suppliers to work with. We often handle the full project for clients, bringing in interior designers, builders and joiners to provide a one stop service. We are more than a technology firm, we are a lifestyle firm. Control 4 Home Automation allows us to deliver systems which delight clients.