Existing Crestron System Enhanced & Upgraded


  • Crestron Audio Video
  • Ceiling Speaker upgrade to Origin Acoustics
  • Crestron DIN Rail Lighting
  • Full HVAC Integration
  • Pakedge WiFi
  • Samsung 4K HDR TV
  • Anthem AVR
  • Leon Surround Sound System

Lighting, Audio Video & HVAC Upgrades at the Canaletto Tower, London

This stunning apartment in the Canaletto Tower, City Road, London already had a developer installed Crestron system controlling apartment wide lighting, audio distribution and intercom. As Crestron Upgrade’s go this is as good as it gets. The existing system was inflexible and un-intuitive to work day to day so the owners called us for a refresh.

Crestron Lighting Upgrades

The most pressing upgrade required was for the lighting system. We reprogrammed the existing system to allow the clients to set lighting scenes from in-wall touch-panels and roaming iPad’s and reprogrammed the lighting keypads to work intuitively. A simple screen of sliders on the touch-panels allows the clients to control each channel of lighting in a given space – once the levels are perfect the scene is saved down for easy recall from a lighting keypad. Each button on the keypads can have different lighting levels which correspond to different activities or moods for each room (eg reading, TV watching, entertaining etc). We also added Crestron blind controllers to allow easy control of Silentgliss electric blinds throughout the property.

Audio Video Upgrades including a Living Room Cinema

The existing audio system was very inflexible and difficult to use – the only way to get audio in to the system was via blue tooth and it wasn’t obvious when rooms were on or off. We upgraded the system to include an Autonomic MMS digital audio server which streams internet radio, Spotify and iTunes without needing any extra devices. We also reprogrammed the user interfaces to allow easy control including ganging together rooms to create party zones. Installing a Crestron Digital Media system allows us to centralise Sky Q and Apple TV devices which are then distributed at full 4K resolutions to TVs in the Master Bedroom and Living Room. Upgraded in-ceiling speakers throughout the apartment allow the music to flow and also enhances audio for video sources rather than relying on sound from ultra thin TV’s.
The Living Room benefits from a full surround sound package with a Leon soundbar nestled under a stunning 65″ Samsung OLED TV, Origin ceiling speakers and a Leon 8″ subwoofer. An Anthem AVR handles all surround sound duties and ensures an amazing sound by calibrating the audio to take in to account the acoustic profile of the room. The living room equipment is installed in a custom designed and Italian built unit complete with sliding door to hide equipment out of the way when it is not being used. The result is an ultra-stylish yet practical living room which provides a stunning cinema experience when required!

HVAC Integration too

In addition to lighting and audio video our upgrade also enhanced the heating and AC system in the apartment. The original program was difficult to work and was only partly commissioned – our new program allows the client simple control from in-wall touch-panels or iPad’s and also provides complex controls through discreet set up pages. This means in day to day life a simple set point in each room determines if the room needs heating or cooling whilst advanced functions allow the clients to choose things like if the towel rail in the master bed en-suite should come on with the lights (to provide a warm towel after every shower) or if it should be used to complement the underfloor heating – or both. It was a pleasure to transform the Crestron system in this apartment and truly unlock it’s potential. Working closely with the clients allowed us to design and implement a Crestron system which totally meets their needs and is both intuitive and flexible – as any Crestron system should be.

Samsung TV in Bespoke Media Cabinet
Samsung TV in Bespoke Media Cabinet
Crestron Controlled Home Cinema in Living Room
Crestron Controlled Home Cinema in Living Room
Bespoke TV Cabinet with TV Hidden
Bespoke TV Cabinet with TV Hidden
TV Hinged towards Kitchen Area
TV Hinged towards Kitchen Area