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Our preferred brand for In-Ceiling and Outdoor Speakers

Origin Acoustics ceiling speakers are arguably the best in the world. The founders started making in-ceiling speakers in 1986 and the wealth of experience shines through in every product. We often upgrade projects installed by other dealers and property developers and ceiling speakers are the one area they all compromise on – after all one speaker is much like another, right? Wrong! A good pair of in-ceiling speakers transforms a system from being a background audio system to a fully fledged music system. We even install Origin Acoustic ceiling speakers in to living room home cinema rooms (for example our recent Primrose Hill Multi-Room Audio Video Install) by using the versions with 10″ drive units we didn’t even need a subwoofer in the room – bass response was that good.

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Origin Acoustics – The Perfect In-Ceiling Speaker

The Origin Acoustics Range is huge and allows us to perfectly match the speaker to the size of the room – smaller speakers in smaller rooms and larger speakers when a larger volume of air is needed to be moved for big rooms. Uniquely, the 6″ and 8″ Origin Acoustics in-ceiling models have the same foot print and are interchangeable – ensuring a good aesthetic when installed throughout a property. In side by side comparisons the Origin Acoustics always perform better than a competitor of similar cost and the speakers have EQ switches to allow speakers to be tuned to the environment (although our Whole Home AV systems allow full EQ too!). Back boxes and trim rings allow speakers to be fully sealed during the home construction phase and we also install after market speaker hoods for retrofit systems.

Stunning & Powerful Outdoor Speaker Range

Outdoor speakers must be incredibly difficult to design – they need to sound amazing in open spaces whilst looking good – a tough brief. Luckily the Origin Acoustic outdoor models perform brilliantly with different sizes of cabinet for different spaces (smaller for courtyards and terraces and bigger for large gardens) and are available in different colours to blend in to the landscape design. Boxed speakers work alongside spike speakers to flood an outdoor space with sound – we tend to use spike speakers throughout gardens for background audio with boxed speakers focused in key areas such as swimming pools, terraces and spaces with outdoor TVs. We even have a range of subwoofers available from 8″ through to 12″ drivers which can be buried in the ground for a fully discreet install! We often design outdoor cinema’s with Origin Acoustics outdoor speakers and a Trinnov Home Cinema Processor – the effect is stunning! We have a Blog post looking at the outdoor range in more detail.

Origin & Crestron Partnership

Our two favourite companies have formed a partnership! It is fantastic news that Crestron and Origin have formed a partnership to offer a full range of speakers through the Crestron dealership network. The launch of Crestron NAX – audio over the network – has encouraged Crestron to find the best speaker manufacturer available – Origin. The new NAX range of audio distribution even includes speaker profiles to ensure your speakers sound their absolute best!