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High Quality Speakers that Hang on the Wall like Pictures

Artcoustic specialise in making loudspeakers which look and sound amazing – people choose them like any other piece of furniture or artwork. The speakers are incredibly thin (69mm deep on some models!) and sit on the wall. The actual speaker grill can be a single colour, a piece of artwork chosen from the extensive range or one supplied by yourselves. We can even span artwork across multiple speakers so your favourite panoramic picture can occupy the front channels in your surround sound home cinema system. Artcoustic speakers can rival any of the traditional ‘big box’ speakers in terms of audio quality yet look good in the home – there is no reason to compromise! The Artcoustic range fits in perfectly with our usual home cinema design style – front channels can be wall mounted behind either a fixed or retractable electric screen. Due to the slim design of the Artcoustic range we like to install banks of surround speakers, ensuring the sound envelopes you better than a traditional rear driven surround sound system and provides the same experience no matter where you sit in the room. The Artcoustic range even includes subwoofers – again, wall-mounted flat panels, enabling us to keep the subwoofer close to the audience and be fully integrated into the room. We now have a dedicated page featuring various designs of Artcoustic Home Cinema packages.

Artcoustic DF Multi Speaker – a Perfect Match for Flat Screens

Although we love installing surround systems, we appreciate they aren’t compatible for every room – bedrooms and kitchens may have TV screens installed but it might be impractical to install full-blown surround sound systems. Previously, the options have been to either install stereo in-ceiling speakers or just use the speakers on the TV screen – hardly solutions which will impress. The Artcoustic DF Multi solves this problem beautifully – one speaker is installed beneath the TV screen and provides quality audio for the left/centre/right channels. Three sizes, designed for 42″, 50″ and 60″ wide screens, ensure that the speakers look at home in any environment. You also have access to the full range of Artcoustic fabrics and finishes – guaranteed to enhance any interior. Should you wish full surround sound the system is easily expandable; adding in Diablo Target rear speakers and a Diablo Subwoofer panel gives access to full surround sound at a reasonable budget. The rears and subwoofer are of the same slim and discreet design as the rest of the range, guaranteeing excellent acoustics and aesthetics.

Artcoustic On-Wall Subwoofers

The problem with many in-ceiling and on-wall speakers systems is the difficulty of getting good bass – after all who wants to invest time and money on hiding speakers away and then having to accommodate a large, ugly box in one corner. Artcoustic have the answer: they have a multitude of options available all of which can tastefully blend in with or enhance your interior. The Diablo subwoofer is small and discreet yet packs a hefty punch. It’s designed to become part of the DF Multi range and complements the Diablo Targets and Monitors perfectly. Covered in the designer fabric of your choice the Diablo Sub will blend in with any interior while still lending the sound impact and depth. Slightly larger than the Diablo sub panel, the DFS75-55 features 2 x 10″ drive units and is designed to be used in conjunction with the DF75-55 full range loudspeakers. There is also a DFS100-75 which is constructed to match the appearance of the DF100-75 full range speaker.

Artcoustic Spitfire 4-2-1 Home Cinema System

The Artcoustic 4-2-1 home cinema package is perfect for larger rooms (of around eight seats or more) . The system is ridiculously powerful and in a well designed room will play up to 122db! Each speaker consists of four ten inch subwoofer units operating below 120Hz, two ten inch bass/mid units operating up to 3000Hz and a compression horn for treble (hence the 4-2-1 name). The bass response of the system is like nothing else on the market; in a well sealed home cinema room the sound pressure levels from the bass are extraordinary. Should the ‘standard’ package not quite fit the bill, the 4-2-1 system is easily expanded with the addition of other Artcoustic Spitfire speakers and PA1800 amplifiers. Adding additional PA-1800 amplifiers can push the power up to a huge 1800W per speaker, when tri-amped.

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