Modern Home Cinema Room Cheshire

A Modern Home Cinema Room for a Cheshire Home

This home cinema design for a client in Cheshire provides a fully immersive experience. The 6x 7m room is part of a new home entertainment complex featuring garaging, a pool, gym, extensive terraced seating and this home cinema room. In addition to this stunning cinema room we also provided audio video throughout the spaces – to a total of four displays and three other stereo audio zones, all with access to the same audio visual sources as the cinema room.

Modern Home Cinema Room, Cheshire
Modern Home Cinema Room, Cheshire

The Cinema Design

The client gave us complete free reign on this design with the only brief being it must be as good as possible for the budget and must have a real wow factor. We installed a full lighting control system throughout the complex and this room benefits from a stunning lighting design! The walls feature small LED up and down light fitting arranged at different heights to provide puddles of light and the front curtains and each chair are highlighted by LED spot lights. The room has a single colour palette running throughout (Little Greene Dark Lead) in a matt finish. The lack of natural light and this colour means when the lights are dimmed the cinematic experience takes center stage – as it should in any dedicated cinema room!

Cheshire Cinema Room Seating View
Modern Home Cinema Room Seating View

The lighting is split in to functional groups so the curtain spotlights can be dimmed independently to each row of seating and the wall lights are grouped in to pairs to allow lights to be brighter at the rear of the room than the front, for example. Lighting automatically dims when a film starts and raises again when the film is paused or stopped.

The Cinema Seating

The seating is Cineak Fortuny seating in a daek grey leather which is fully electric to create the perfect position for extended watching sessions and in-arm cupholders ensure refreshments are always at hand. When the room is switched off at the end of the day all the seats revert back to their “home position” to always keep the cinema looking at it’s best.

Modern Home Cinema Room in Cheshire
Modern Home Cinema Room Design, Cheshire

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Finishing Touches and Room Construction

Before construction had started we virtually constructed the room in our modelling software to ensure the best possible acoustic response for the Krix and Trinnov audio solution. After designing the speaker layout we added in acoustic treatments to ensure the best sounding room possible and then covered all the treatments and speakers in fabric matched to the Little Greene paint colour. Carpets and the rug were also chosen for their acoustic properties in addition to looking great. The rear banking of seating is elevated on a 300mm step to ensure viewers on the second row have clear line of sight to the screen, even when the front row is in use too.
Below is a walkaround video showing this room at its very best!