Trinnov are Pioneers in Home Cinema Sound Systems.

Huge amounts of Audio Channels with the Best Available Room Correction.

Trinnov have revolutionised the home cinema industry: world class 3D audio solutions allow more flexibility and power than have previously been seen in residential home cinema. The Altitude32 is a home cinema pre-amplifier with up to 32 channels, integrating the latest 3D audio formats including DTS-X, Dolby Atmos and Auro3D. Up to 32 audio channels can be installed in a home cinema room, catering for both ‘normal’ surround sound and added height channels. Enhancing the solution with a Magnitude32 room/speaker optimiser means those channels can be split into audio frequencies, directing the correct frequencies to the correct speakers allowing plenty of freedom. A ‘traditional’ subwoofer(s) handles the low frequency channels, providing the bass sound track. With a Magnitude32 each audio channel – such as surrounds – can be enhanced by a low frequency channel, allowing bass to naturally follow the audio around the room.

Advanced Home Cinema Calibration

The Altitude32 and Magnitude32 provide pre-amplified audio and work perfectly with the high end Amplitude8 amplifier solution to create a total home cinema audio package. Calibration of the room is performed with a 3D microphone: placed in the usual listening position, the processor calculates delays and crossover points to ensure the best possible audio experience whilst taking into account room harmonics. This calibration system ensures the audio sounds as good as it possibly can in any given room, with any given speaker package. An invaluable tool to ensure audio perfection!