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Home Cinema seating is one of the most fundamental aspects to delivering a successful home cinema installation but is often overlooked until the last minute. With our home cinema room design service we design the seating at the very start of the process to ensure it exactly matches a client needs. There is no one size fits all approach to cinema seating – we take in to account the family make up (size and ages of all members of the family) and also get an idea for intended guests. very generally speaking we like to install less formal seating for families with younger children and the seating gets more formal as the proportion of adults using the cinema space increases. In addition to lots of case studies featuring cinema seating we also have some information on manufacturers like Cineak – one of our preferred suppliers.

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Choosing the style of Home Cinema Seating

There are a huge variety of seating options from a cinema – we have done cinema rooms with everything from dedicated chairs through to bean bags liberally scattered around the floor – bean bags can be a great way to add extra seating to a room and also have the benefit of increasing the audio qualities of a room! Electrically motorised recliner chairs in leather can be the ultimate seating solution but they are costly and can also not have the right feel for a room – one of our most successful designs was banks of two seater Chesterfield sofas with matching foot stools. Most of our seating options are modular so solutions can involve traditional seating, chaise longues and then straight or curved arm rests – the options are endless but ensure we can supply the perfect cinema seating for a given cinema room.

Choose the Fabric

Our suppliers have a huge range of leathers and fabrics to choose from to ensure the perfect aesthetic in the room. Different grades of leathers allow us to work to a given budget without compromise. We can even pick wood samples for chair legs to match in with doors and other features of the room. In rows with multiple rows we can provide different styles of seating to ensure complete comfort for all whilst matching fabrics and colours across the rows to tie the design together. Accessories such as chilled cup holders, USB ports and even cooling ensure complete client comfort!

Tiered Seating – Cinema style!

With a large projector screen occupying most of one wall tiered seating is a must have in most cinema rooms. By creating a gentle bank of seating we can ensure the perfect view of the screen for all viewers. As part of our design service we ensure the perfect angle for all seating and also design in elements such as power sockets and lighting channels to both light the way and set the mood in the room. we are experts at building the tiered platforms so they feel solid and don’t colour the acoustics of the room. We even do curved tiered seating for our larger rooms!

Transducers and Feedback Systems

Our cinema designs generally run at high levels of bass – the kind you feel when an explosion happens on screen. However we also offer tactile feedback – transducers – which are built in to the seating. These transducers enable you to feel the bass as it occurs – we even tie the transducers to individual bass channels so you feel the rumble move from left to right with the picture. This creates a truly involving experience!

Some Examples of Our Home Cinema Seating Designs & Installations

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  • Family Cinema Room, Dubai

    Family Cinema Room, Dubai
    Family Cinema Room, Dubai

    The ultimate relaxation space which is great for families with younger kids. The casual seating from BB Italia, part of the Tufty Time range, is super comfy and creates a great informal feel to this cozy room!

  • Luxury Home Cinema – Abuja, Nigeria

    Luxury Home Cinema - Abuja, Nigeria
    Luxury Home Cinema – Abuja, Nigeria

    Luxury Home Cinema doesn’t get any better than this! An informal front row of Cineak Intimo seats and daybeds in velvet works with a back row of Cineak Fortuny Seats in leather. Colours are matched across both styles of seating for aesthetics.

  • Modern Home Cinema Room, Cheshire

    Modern Home Cinema Room, Cheshire
    Modern Home Cinema, Cheshire

    An Ultra-Modern Home Cinema Room which benefits from 2 rows of 6 Cineak Fortuny Seats in high grade leather. Each seat is electrically operated to find the ideal viewing position and chilled cup holders in each arm rest keep things cool!

  • Krix Home Cinema, London

    Krix Home Cinema, London
    Krix Home Cinema, London

    A Huge Home Cinema Room in London with seating for 18 people made up of 3 rows of 6 seats. The seats are electrically adjustable and are finished in a dark brown high grade leather.

  • Kensington Basement Home Cinema

    Kensington Mews Basement Home Cinema Installation
    Kensington Mews Basement Home Cinema Installation

    This cinema in Kensington works fantastically both from an audio video point of view and also from a client enjoyment point of view! It is included here to show that not all of our cinema rooms feature formal cinema seats – we often use off the shelf seating where it meets the brief!