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Future Automation TV lift Dealers

High End Motorised Technology Solutions Supplied & Installed.

We install huge numbers of Future Automation TV lifts – the quality of their products is amazing and they offer a fully flexible solution – they are by far the best manufacturer of automated lifts, mounts and concealment mechanisms. Future Automation have a huge range of off the shelf motorised solutions which are designed to hide technology out of sight when it isn’t required – TVs can be hidden in cabinet work or behind a picture whilst projectors can be hidden in the ceiling and lowered when required. They even do units with moving panels so a flap hinges out of the way before the TV or projector emerges. We fully integrate their equipment in to our whole house audio video systems which means a single press of a button can transform a room from a reception in to a home cinema. We also have customers who purchase Future Automation Lifts direct from us – they do not have to be part of a fuller system and we love online sales, just contact us for a quote and help specifying your lift.

*Please note prices below should be treated as indicative only – please contact us for a firm quote.

Custom Controls