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Savant Home Automation Dealers & Installers

Savant Home Automation Installations for Residential Projects.

We are Savant Home Automation accredited dealers and installers – with all our technical staff fully trained and accredited by Savant. We specialise in installing Savant systems in to residential projects producing stunning home automation and entertainment systems. A Savant smart home system brings a home alive by distributing audio and video around the home with the option of controlling your lighting, heating and alarm system. Savant is based on the Apple ecosystem which ensures a seamless integration with services such as iTunes – allowing individual rooms to listen to independent iTunes streams, internet radio and Spotify. The stunning Savant interface allows an Apple iPad, iPhone or Android device to easily and quickly control your entire home – we are experts in customising Savant systems which allows us to build on the standard interface to provide a fully customised solution for your home.

Savant and Apple Integration

Savant integrates with Apple devices perfectly – the main controller actually utilises Apple hardware – not only does this ensure a hugely powerful system but is allows the tightest integration of Apple devices. iTunes runs natively on the main Savant host ensuring clients with iTunes collections can enjoy it anywhere in the home. Apple TVs are fully integrated ensuring that online streaming services and Apple Airplay are available at the touch of a button – the amount of content available, and the ease with which it is accessed is simply staggering! Apple iPhones and iPads can all be used to control your home – even when away from home – providing a beautiful and easy to use way to control audio, video, heating, lighting and security. In fact anything electrical can be controlled so you can as easily switch on your outside lights as you approach home as switch on the sauna to ensure it is to temperature. The Savant app is elegant and simple to use whilst being hugely powerful and customisable by us to meet your exact requirements.

Savant Home Entertainment Systems

With a Savant system complex audio video installations are simplified – a simple TV button in the living room can control a huge amount of equipment, for example switching the TV on and to correct the input, powering on a Sky HD receiver and routing audio through a surround sound system. It is no longer a requirement to work several remote controls – pressing buttons in the correct order – the Savant interface on your Apple iPad handles everything. Multiple rooms can all be easily controlled via one stylish interface and rooms can easily be joined together to allow the same audio and/or video to be enjoyed everywhere in the home – great for open plan spaces and parties. The Savant home entertainment system has perfect iTunes integration as well as a wealth of internet based streams – internet radio, Spotify etc etc – which provides a huge amount of content. Apple TV integration allows access to video on demand services such as Netflix, iTunes video and catch-up TV in addition to be a perfect airplay host – streams from iPhones, iPads and laptops can all be fed in to the system and distributed to any room – a hugely flexible and powerful solution!

Savant Lighting Integration

We are experts in integrating both Crestron and Lutron lighting in to Savant systems allowing you to recall preset lighting scenes – such as TV watching, Entertaining or Reading – from a Savant enabled iPad or iPhone. Lighting levels can even be automated – switching to the TV watching scene when a video source is selected and reverting back to an Entertaining scene when the TV is off, brilliant for movie nights at home! The Savant lighting integration even allows us to automatically close the blinds and set the correct heating set point, in addition to recalling your favourite lighting levels. Both of our Crestron and Lutron lighting installations are perfect for single room lighting systems through to whole house lighting control and any type of light can be controlled.

Savant Installation London

We are accredited Savant Home Automation dealers – specialising in designing and installing Savant home automation systems for the residential market. Our systems regularly include multi-room audio video, lighting control and heating. Savant systems have a very tight integration with Apple devices, providing iTunes and Apple TV integration throughout the home and allowing control via a stunning home control app running on iPhones, iPads and android devices. Our systems are fully bespoke and we tailor the entire system to delight our customers. We regularly take over maintenance and provide upgrades to existing systems – utilising our experience to enhance systems installed by other installation companies.

Custom Controls