Luxury Home Cinema Design – Abuja, Nigeria

A Zero Compromise Home Cinema Room!

Home Cinema Rooms do not come more luxurious than this! A spacious 8.5m x 7m cinema room which is equipped with the very best technology and interior possible.

Luxury Home Cinema Room - Abuja, Nigeria
Luxury Home Cinema Room – Abuja, Nigeria

The Home Cinema Audio Video System

The audio visual equipment which is packed in to this room is absolutely amazing. A recess behind the projector screen houses the stunning Krix MX-40 system comprising of Front Left, Center and Right channels enhanced by two huge 18″ subwoofers. Six Krix Megaphonix Flat speakers are wall mounted behind stretched fabric walls to provide surround sound audio channels and ten Krix ceiling speakers provide height channels for a fully immersive audio experience. A Trinnov audio system powers the entire speaker system using their fantastic object based audio system, delivering an audio system which is stunning to listen to whilst decoding the latest 3D audio formats.

Luxury Home Cinema, View from the Second Row
Luxury Home Cinema, View from the Second Row

The huge 5m projector screen (installed in a widescreen 2.35 aspect ratio) shows a picture from the ultra-high end, range topping Sony VPL-GTZ380 with a stunning brightness of 10,000 lumens which is 3 or 4 times the brightness of some lesser projectors! This cinema is in a basement space so benefits from no natural light which means our Crestron lighting control system can manage lighting levels precisely. Our lighting design uses LED strip lighting to provide lighting from above and individual narrow beam spot lights centered on each seat create a luxury ambience. Every lamp is fully dimmable so the room can be brightly lit for cleaning and then mood settings created for moving around and film watching.

Luxury Home Cinema Seating
Luxury Home Cinema Seating

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The Home Cinema Seating Design

A truly luxurious cinema room needs luxurious seating and this room really delivers! The back row contains seven Cineak Ferrier seats finished in Grey leather. Each seat independently reclines electrically with adjustment for foot rests and head rests to create the ultimate comfortable position for movie watching. The front row is less formal Cineak Intimo seating with the frame covered in the same fabric as the Ferrier seats and the cushions covered in Velvet in the same colour. All the Intimo seats are oversized allowing three day beds which are flanked by an arm chair at each side. The front row is made to a custom width to exactly match the seven seats on the back row. This attention to detail is only possible when sourcing from a bespoke manufacturer such as Cineak.

Luxury Home Cinema, View from the Front Row
Luxury Home Cinema, View from the Front Row

Walkaround Video

Check out the below video for a walkthrough the home cinema -experience what it is like to view a film from the front and back rows whilst taking a walk around the cinema itself!