Home Cinema Room – Midlands, UK

A Stunning Home Cinema Room with Seating for Eight!

This stunning home cinema room design is for a Midlands based client. The room house eight people in absolute comfort, the home cinema system delivers an absolutely awesome experience! We will transform a blank space in to a fully fledged Home Cinema Room – guaranteed to delight the clients family and friends!

Home Cinema Room - Midlands, UK
Home Cinema Room – Midlands, UK

The Home Cinema System

A stunning Artcoustic speaker package – running in 9.2.4 format – works in harmony with an Audio Control AVR to provide a stunning sound track. Front Left, Center and Right channels are handled by Artcoustic Spitfire 24-12 speakers installed in a void behind the Screen Excellence acoustically transparent screen. Installed between the front channels speakers are two huge subwoofers providing low bass and surround channels are handled by on wall Spitfire 8-4 speakers installed in line with each of row of seating and behind the rear row – for a fully immersive surround sound effect. Four Artcoustic in-ceiling speakers provide height channels for 3D audio formats such as Dolby Atmos. This is a tried and tested package for us which has the ability to go very loud whilst maintaining audio quality!

150 inch projector screen with speakers behind
150 inch projector screen with speakers behind

The Cinema Projection system

A room such as this needs stunning visuals and this room does not disappoint! A Sony 4K laser projector projects on to a Screen Excellence 150″ acoustically transparent screen. The projector is a high output model with a high number of lumens and the picture quality is crisp and bright even with the room lights up. A Crestron lighting control system allows the clients to quickly and easily dim lights up and down as required with different scenes pre-programmed. A general circulation scene has high levels of lighting to allow clients to easily navigate the room whilst a film watching scene dims everything right down to minimise distractions.

Bespoke Home Cinema Seating
Bespoke Home Cinema Seating

Bespoke Home Cinema Seating

The chairs for this stunning home cinema room are from a company called Cineak. Every element is chosen for a truly bespoke seating solution. In this case high grade leather is colour matched to the wall panels and the arms and feet are matched to the entrance door wood. This attention to detail ensures a very cohesive feel to the cinema room. Electric motors in each seat allow clients to recline in to the perfect viewing position, providing comfort for extended periods of time and cup holders provide refreshments. We have even wired each seat in to the lighting control system – shutting the room down when exiting resets all the chairs to their default position, meaning the room always looks its best when entering.

View from the second row
View from the second row

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The construction of the Home Cinema

For this room we transformed a blank space, our team handle everything from creating the platform for the rear row of seating through to the space behind the projector screen for the front channel speakers and subwoofers. We install all cables, acoustic treatments and joinery work before our fabric walling team install a stretched fabric over all the walls and ceiling. This creates an amazing look to the room with no technology on show, yet the room delivers a world class cinema experience! Our team travel nationwide installing cinemas and we are experts in keeping installations as efficient as possible whilst delivering the very best quality possible.

Walkaround Video

Check out the below video for a walkthrough the home cinema -experience what it is like to view a film from the front and back rows whilst taking a walk around the cinema itself!