Home Cinema Acoustic Treatments

How We Design & Install Home Cinema Acoustic Treatments

Acoustic treatments are fundamental to delivering a good home cinema room. It is important to minimise unwanted reflections in a room across all frequencies – so no boomy bass or “chattery” spaces. Imagine standing in wooden room and clapping your hands – the echo of a hand clap reverberates back and you may hear it many times before it disappears. This effect is magnified many times in a home cinema with lots of sounds competing in a space. The effect can be an overwhelming bassy room and very hard to make out speech.

Adding acoustic treatments on to the walls can reduce these effects instantly. We install a range of on-wall acoustic panels for rooms with need remedial action – existing rooms – but we also install a range of treatments in to the actual room construction when building a new home cinema room.

Home Cinema Fabric Walls and Acoustic Benefits

By installing our unique track and fabric system we can build acoustic treatments in to the fabric of the room. The process is as follows:

  • All walls have 100mm stud work built.
  • An acoustic fleece is installed along side speakers in to the voids.
  • Our unique track system is attached to the stud work.
  • Acoustic material is installed over the top of the fleece.
  • The final wall finish fabric is installed.

This approach lets us install acoustic treatments where required – as part of our home cinema design process we model each fully finished room to ensure acoustic perfection. We can also hide all the speakers behind the fabric which is  how our case studies show no speakers yet have high end surround sound installed.  The range of fabrics we have on offer is huge from silks through to cottons and linens, in any colour imaginable. We even do a range of fabrics which can be printed with UV sensitive finishes creating something truly special!

Reducing Sound Leakage from a Home Cinema Room

The above approach is an excellent way to improve in-room acoustics and will go some way to minimising sound leakage to the rest of the home. For sensitive environments we can also offer solutions to minimise sound leakage from the cinema room. Below is our belt and braces approach which has a serious reduction in noise levels in the rest of the home. The treatments are applied in the order listed and are applied to a bare shell before cinema construction begins.

  • The room is wrapped in Mass Loaded Vinyl
  • Stud walls are installed set off the MLV skin
  • Stud walls are lined with two layers of Acoustic Plasterboard and Green Glue
  • Acoustic Underlay is fitted to the floors (we have a floor isolation system if required too)
  • The above in-room acoustic treatments are fitted.

The result in the home cinema is breath taking and allows our chosen surround sound system to perform at it’s absolute best whilst simultaneously reducing sound leakage in to the rest of the home.

Fabric Wrapped Home Cinema Room
Fabric Wrapped Home Cinema Room
Pillow Effect Fabric Wrapping
Pillow Effect Fabric Wrapping