Introducing Agath Mirror TV

High End TVs hidden behind Mirrors!

Agath Mirror TV solutions have been featuring in our whole home audio video installations for some time – traditionally with a small mirror TV at the end of the bath or in the shower. They are a great way to relax and catch up with recorded TV (when in the bath) and a great way to catch the morning news whilst getting ready in the morning.

Agath has a huge range of Mirror TVs available and we regularly install them in rooms other than bedrooms – their fantastic one way mirror technology and super bright screens means watching TV through the mirror results in very little compromise over a normal TV – making them perfect for kitchens, bedrooms and even out door spaces. We are integrating the mirror TVs in to outdoor bar areas and patios as they are naturally IP rated and look stunning whether on or off.

With sizes from 14″ through to a huge 98″ there is a huge range of TVs available, making them perfect for any project. The mirror glass can be extended to a huge 3m x 2m allowing us to create a mirror wall with TV floating behind – a fully custom solution which looks stunning! Below is a video introducing the 98″ model.

Agath Mirror Touch – Touchscreen Technology

Mirror Touch opens up a stunning way to control your viewing! With Mirror Touch the entire screen becomes a touchscreen – allowing easy selection of sources, volume etc – in fact anything which is usually controlled by one of our Crestron systems can be incorporated. Integrating Kaleidescape movie servers allows clients to swipe through their film collection on the TV before selecting a film to watch – perfect for bathrooms and swimming pool areas where remote controls would not make sense. After swiping through the movie collection and selecting your favourite film imagine sinking in to your bath and relaxing. Further changes to volume and lighting could then be handled by simple voice commands to an Amazon Alexa or Google Home – this is an integrated home at it’s absolute best!

Below is an image from our Dubai installation showing an Agath 40″ TV installed in a bathroom with sunken bath tub.

Agath Miror TV in bathroom showing Kaleidescape Movie Server
Agath Mirror TV in bathroom showing Kaleidescape Movie Server