CSEED 201" Outdoor TV Raised

The C Seed Outdoor Cinema Solution

Using C Seed to Install the Perfect Outdoor Home Cinema

Outdoor cinema makes perfect sense in climates warmer than most of the UK. Our Clients in Dubai and Africa spend huge amounts of time outdoors – hosting dinner parties and enjoying time in their swimming pools. The logical extension to an outdoors lifestyle is a C Seed outdoor home cinema. The problem traditionally has been how to incorporate a large display and high end surround system that looks and sounds great in use but also blends in to the environment when not is use. We have designed systems which house projection screens in outdoor seating areas and change garden speaker systems from background music to surround systems but they tend to be compromised in some way due to aesthetic requirements.

C Seed Outdoor TV - The C Seed Outdoor Cinema Solution

C Seed Outdoor TV

The C Seed Solution for Outdoor Cinema

C Seed have revolutionised outdoor TV and outdoor cinema – a huge 201″ version and a more “modest” 144″ version ensure a stunning viewing experience and the whole TV can be rotated to the perfect viewing angle. We install these displays alongside our Crestron Audio Video Systems meaning a C Seed TV has access to a whole wealth of sources from Satellite TV through to Kaleidescape Movie Servers. Full security integration allows a Picture in Picture window to pop up to alert to visitors at the door. Selecting a video source on the Crestron touchpanel (or more commonly iPad in the garden) transforms the audio system from stereo music system in to a full surround package with audio centered on your ideal seating area. High quality garden audio solutions mean that there is little compromise when enjoying a film in the outdoor cinema rather than the indoor home cinema room!

C Seed Supermarine Option Too

The C Seed Supermarine is – as the name suggests – designed for Super Yachts and uses a shallower mounting hole. The screen hinges up from the deck before unfurling rather than rising straight up like a periscope. This results in a much shallower compartment and can make for a more flexible install on dry land too. We specify the C Seed Supermarine option when the TV is to be housed over a swimming pool plant room, garage complex or other structure where depth is an issue. The sizes of the Supermarine are the same as the “normal” solution at 201″ and 144″ and can be rotated 180 degrees to ensure glare from the sun isn’t an issue – we can even auto track the sun and configure the sound system dynamically to follow the screen rotation!

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