Krix Home Cinema London

A Very High End Home Cinema in London featuring Krix Speakers

High end home cinema room’s need the best audio and video solutions available. For this stunning room in London we have partnered with Australian company Krix – manufacturers of some of the world’s best speaker systems. We do in to more detail on the audio solution below but rest assured that this 18 seater cinema excels in every way!

Krix Home Cinema London
Krix Home Cinema London

The Krix Speaker System

This room utilises a total of 22 Krix speakers! The range topping Krix MX-40 Infinite Baffle Wall is installed behind the 5m acoustically transparent Screen Innovations projector screen. The pictures don’t show the true scale of this solution – each of the subwoofers features an 18″ driver ensuring huge amounts of bass throughout the room! Each row of seating benefits from its own pair of Krix Megaphonix surround speakers – to ensure a uniform experience no matter which room you are sat on – and the rear wall also features a pair for a fully immersive experience. Height channels are handled by 9 Krix in-ceiling speakers enhancing with the immersive experience with 3D audio formats decoded by a top of the range Trinnov Altitude audio system. The huge 5m screen shows a picture provided by the range topping Sony VPL-GTZ380 projector with a stunning 10,000 lumens of light provided by a laser light source and a stunning 4K resolution!

Krix Speakers on Show Behind Projector Screen
Krix Speakers on Show Behind Projector Screen

The Cinema Seating

The custom designed and custom finished seating is provided by our friends at Cineak with each seat being independently controlled by buttons in each arm rest. Electric motors adjust elements such as the head rests, back rests and foot rests to ensure a completely comfortable position for each and every cinema-goer. When the film is finished and the the room is shut down each chair automatically returns to it’s default position to keep the room looking tidy.

Krix Home Cinema London - Seating View
Krix Home Cinema London – Seating View

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Finishing Touches and Room Construction

The room benefits from a full acoustic design and fit out with fabric walls hiding not only the strategically place acoustic treatments but also the majority of the speaker system. A Crestron control system ensures easy control of all the audio visual equipment and also precise control of each and every light fitting – allowing us to create different lighting scenes for viewing and general circulation in the room. A full lighting design ensures the room looks its best and no light sources detract from the main use of the room – enjoying the audio visual experience!

Krix Home Cinema London - View from Row 2
Krix Home Cinema London – View from Row 2
Krix Home Cinema - Lights Dimmed for Viewing
Krix Home Cinema – Lights Dimmed for Viewing

Below is a walkaround video showing this room at its very best!