Bowers & Wilkins Custom Theater 800 Cinema Room

A Stunning Design Featuring the B&W Custom Theater 800 Range of Speakers

Sorry for the slow loading of this post! We simply have too many beautiful pictures to share of this stunning, and huge, 6.5m x 6.5m cinema room! Featuring the Bowers & Wilkins Custom Theater 800 speaker system, this is a very high end room!

B&W Custom Theater 800 Home Cinema Room
B&W Custom Theater 800 Home Cinema Room

The Client Brief

The clients were firm that they wanted the very best home cinema room possible with seating for a large number of people. They were prepared to dedicate a sizeable room to achieve this and a substantial budget. We discussed various options and quickly ascertained that they were Bowers & Wilkins fans with a pretty high end stereo in one of their properties and a B&W audio system in one of their cars. This led us down the path of the Bowers & Wilkins Custom Theater 800 speaker package which we coupled with a Trinnov Cinema Audio system to handle the large number of audio channels.

B&W Custom Theater 800 Home Cinema Room
B&W Custom Theater 800 Home Cinema Room
B&W Custom Theater 800 Home Cinema Room
B&W Custom Theater 800 Home Cinema Room

The audio system comprises of three B&W CT8 LCR speakers hidden behind the projector screen at ear level with a further pair of B&W CT8.4 LCRS speakers installed level with each row of seating. Installing a pair for each of row of seats ensures clients experience the same great audio regardless of the seating position – an approached reinforced by the best-in-class Trinnov sound optimisation process. A further two CT8.4 LCRS speakers are on the back wall and four B&W ceiling speakers in the ceiling for height channels. The whole audio system is enhanced by eight CT8 SW subwoofers! That is a lot of bass to manage, another thing the Trinnov excels at!

The Cinema Seating

The bespoke nature of this cinema called for a fully flexible seating design – after presenting a few options we settled on nine Cineak Fortuny two person sofas finished in bespoke leather with contrasting headrests and armrests. Seating for a total of 18 people in absolute comfort and all enjoying a stunning audio visual experience!

Cineak Fortuny Bespoke Cinema Seating
Cineak Fortuny Bespoke Cinema Seating

The Visuals

A top of the range Sony Laser Projector easily illuminates the nearly 4m wide projector screen with an image which rivals the very best flat screen display – deep blacks and a very bright image make this cinema room a joy to use. Ultra High resolution images from a wealth of sources – Kaleidescape, Apple TV and Sky ensure the clients are never short of inspiration for viewing nights!

B&W Custom Theater 800 Home Cinema Room
B&W Custom Theater 800 Home Cinema Room

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The Cinema Room Construction

Our track record of delivering high end cinema rooms at this level means every detail is thought about and planned before construction starts. For this room we elevated the rear row of seats by 300mm to ensure the perfect view even with a full cinema and hid all the speakers and acoustic treatments behind fabric walls. We conducted a full lighting design and installed a Crestron lighting control system – ensuring the room looks fantastic whilst allowing the lights to dim to preset levels of film watching. Puddles of light from narrow beam downlights highlight individual chairs without casting shadows and creating distracting reflections around the room. We even choose the door handles to minimise reflections. This room looks deceptively simple and this is not an accident – most cinema rooms you see on-line are simply too “busy” and are tiring to use in real life due to unwanted reflections. Our rooms aim to become invisible in use – the client should be fully immersed in the film!