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We supply the full range – Custom Install to Cabinet Speakers

We are very pleased to be a partner of the British speaker manufacturer B&W. We have access to the full range of equipment, from their custom install range to the 800 series speakers installed in Abbey Road Studios. The sound quality and standard of finish is second to none as is some of the best backing and support we get. As a custom installer we install speakers from the entire range in our projects, including high end listening rooms. The custom install range is extremely extensive, offering us a broad range to source from, meaning there is a price and capability for every scenario. Speakers can be placed in the kitchen ceiling or weatherproof speakers installed in the garden all with access to your CD collection.

B & W Custom Install Speakers – Custom Install In-Ceiling and In-Wall Speakers

With access to the full Bowers and Wilkins range we are able to supply a quality speaker for every budget and scenario. From the attention grabbing Nautilus ‘boxed’ speaker to the near invisible Custom Install Cinema speaker you can be sure of a quality and attention to detail not found elsewhere. The top of the range Custom Install speaker (Signature 8NT) shares the genetics of the 800 series boxed speaker used in Abbey Road Studios whilst managing to remain discreet and unobtrusive.  The B&W In-Ceiling and In-Wall speakers are designed for the home entertainment market. They are extremely discreet and are made to be hidden away in ceilings and walls so they are as difficult to see as possible. Both in-ceiling and in-wall speakers are flush mounted and feature acoustically transparent grills which can either be left in their standard white finish or painted to match your decor. The range is huge and includes speakers for every application, from the Signature 8 NT (see below) to the CCM 746S which allows one speaker to perform the role of a normal stereo pair – ideal for bathrooms and en suites. The range topping Signature 8 NT in-wall speaker delivers sound quality to rival the best conventional boxed speaker. This enables us to install a home cinema which is almost invisible when not in use, with speakers built into walls and source equipment and surround amplifiers tucked away out of site. We are also able to design and install bespoke home cinemas with the ultimate surround sound package, the Custom Theater 800 series. Rather than in-wall speakers this surround sound system is designed to be built in to the very fabric of the room.

B&W Custom Theatre 800 – The Home Cinema Speaker Package

Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus
Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus

Bowers and Wilkins describe the Custom Theater 800 system as the performance of a lifetime and it is easy to see why. These speakers have been designed and built for one purpose: home cinema. They are based on the stunning 800 series and their top of the range hi-fi speakers are in use in Abbey Road studios. The Custom Theater 800 combines the extraordinary clarity, depth and control with much higher sound pressure levels and a cabinet designed to be incorporated into the fabric of the room. Most people are not aware that Home Cinema can be this good. When you begin to look at the technical details of this system you get some indication of the performance – tweeters are set in ‘eye sockets’ which enable them to pointed directly at the listener for maximum focus and subwoofers can be paired to individual speakers allowing the system to steer the bass around the room. We are expert installers of the B&W CT800 range with lots of experience integrating the system in to home cinema rooms. Check out this Custom Theater Cinema Room!

Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus – The Very Best HiFi Speakers Available

You don’t just sell a pair of B&W Nautilus speakers – you design every element of the experience from amplifiers and source components through to listening rooms. These speakers deserve the very best environment and we are experts in recommending acoustic treatments for your listening space. Every customer who orders a pair of Nautilus speakers is assigned a Project Manager. They will visit your home and arrange all aspects of logistics, installation and ensure your requirements are translated to our design staff. The B&W Nautilus is a triumph of engineering and design – the result of five years extensive research and development to create the perfect loudspeaker. This no-compromise speaker is designed with the serious audiophile in mind – its sheer size demands the right environment and its active nature requires a serious investment in amplification. One thing is for certain though; well setup and in the right environment these speakers will be the best you’ll ever hear. Improvements and techniques used in the manufacture of the Nautilus loudspeakers are already influencing the rest of the range – isolating the tweeters in the high end 800 series speakers shows more than a passing similarity to the Nautilus speaker and the similarities become more and more common as you look at the methods used in drive unit manufacture and cabinet internal designs. In fact the whole loudspeaker industry is taking design tips from these speakers.

We are experts at designing and installing Nautilus systems and have access to the very best amplification systems to ensure the top audio experience from your Nautilus system. We regularly get involved in the physical room design to ensure the best possible listening environment for B&W Nautilus speakers. We have some golden rules for listening room dimensions documented too.

Our B&W Custom Theater 800 Cinema Room

We now have a fantastic case study of a home cinema room based on the Bowers and Wilkins Custom Theater 800 range. It is a truly stunning room with seating for 18 people and very high end specification – 9.4.8 surround sound audio (yes, that is 8 subwoofers!) all powered by a Trinnov audio processor. This is home cinema at its finest! Click here or on the image for more information!

B&W Custom Theater 800 Home Cinema Room
B&W Custom Theater 800 Home Cinema Room