Lutron Palladiom Wireless Blinds

Wireless Blinds easily added to Lutron Systems

A Lutron lighting control system is the first thing we would install in a new build or large renovation project. The Lutron system can save you energy whilst showing your home at its absolute best. A lighting control system allows lighting scenes creating ambience, convenience and enhancing architectural features. Electronic blinds are an extension of this philosophy – a single button press allows multiple blinds to close at once, increasing convenience and security. Blinds and curtains can even be programmed to close automatically at sunset whilst the system gently illuminates external spaces – increasing security in addition to making sure your home looks its absolute best.

Lutron Palladiom Wireless Blinds

For new build properties adding in motorised blinds is easy – a single Lutron low voltage cable allows either electronic blinds or curtains to be added. Given the cost we usually recommend adding a cable to every window opening which allows blinds to be added at a later date with very little disruption. For renovation projects or existing homes wiring blinds and curtains can be very disruptive and this has put off clients from going forward. The Lutron Palladiom range solves this issue! The roller blind contains a battery pack within the roller mechanism which means no wiring and no disruption! The battery pack is designed to last for between three and five years and is easily refreshed using standard D Cell batteries. Any window can now benefit from smart blinds, even completely finished properties.

Lutron Single Room Dimming & Blinds – RA2/RA3

In addition to integrating with the Lutron Homeworks QSX system (designed for whole home lighting control) the Palladiom blinds work seamlessly with the Lutron single room systems – RA2 Select and RA3. These systems integrate seamlessly to allow a single room to benefit from Lutron control and retrofittable – making it easy to experience the benefits of a Lutron system without the expense and hassle of rewiring.

Lutron Design & Installation

The Lutron range of fabrics, coupled with the range of hardware finishes, ensures a blind suitable for every property. We are experts at integrating blinds and curtains in to the Lutron Homeworks QSX system, ensuring a system which performs exactly to a clients requirements. You can download a full brochure on the Lutron Palladiom range from here.