Luxury Home Theater Room – Portugal

A Bespoke Home Theater Design for a Portugese Client

Our theater designs just getting better and better! This Portugese client gave us an open brief for his home theater room – “Design the best home theater possible with seating for around 10 people”. The result is a jaw dropping, no compromise home theater with a huge 3.6m wide projector, concealed 9.4.2 surround sound audio system and bespoke seating for 11, arranged in two rows. A picture speaks a thousand words….

Home Theater Portugal - Side View
Home Theater Portugal – Side View

The Theater Room Design

This theater room has so many cool features it is difficult to document them all! The projector screen is actually installed on a false wall which allows us to create a void behind the screen for the front channel speakers and the subwoofers – perfectly connecting the audio and video together. Shallower false walls at the sides and rear allow us to integrate the surround speakers and acoustic treatments which are then covered with stretched fabrics for an ultra clean aesthetic. Even the ceiling benefits from this system which allows us to create a ceiling cove with integrated lighting and height speakers for 3D sound formats such as Dolby Atmos. The higher portion of the roof is covered in a dense suede fabric which adds another texture to the room, suggestive of clouds in the sky. The darker colour palette, and the lighting control system, create the perfect viewing environment with no reflective surfaces in the room which can distract from the viewing experience. We aim for a fully immersive experience for all users of our home theater rooms, the room should blend in to the background when a theater experience is required!

Home Theater Portugal - Rear View
Home Theater Portugal – Rear View

The Theater Audio Video Experience

Despite this room have minimal technology on show it has a world class audio video system installed. Artcoustic speakers provide all of the 9.2.4 audio system with 9 speakers surrounding the clients at ear level with four speakers in the ceiling providing height channels. Two subwoofers, installed behind the projector screen, provide deep bass and easily have enough capacity to fill the room. A Trinnov audio system takes the sound track from the sources (Apple TV and Kaleidescape) and decodes it in to a stream which is perfectly matched for the audio system, creating a fully immersive audio experience which envelopes the listener. The huge 3.6m wide (156″ diagonal!) acoustically transparent screen displays an image projected from a Sony Professional 4K projector, complete with laser light source!

View from the front row
View from the front row
View from the second row
View from the second row

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The Home Theater Seating

The home theater seating was designed to accommodate up to 11 guests in complete comfort. We chose Cineak theater seats with two different styles, one for each row. The front row uses Cineak Intimo seating to great effect with two chaise longue seats in the middle, flanked by two arm chairs. The arm chairs have matching foot stools which allow the arm chairs to emulate chaises, if required. This is a less formal arrangement which we utilise often as it is incredibly flexible. The rear seats are more formal motorised recliners which provide outstanding comfort. Both rows of seating are finished in the same fabrics and materials to provide a cohesive look with a reduced palette of materials creating a minimalist aesthetic – the audio video experience is the focus of this theater room!

Home Theater Seating
Home Theater Seating


This theater room is a great example of a project which becomes greater than the sum of its parts. The room design all works in a very minimalist fashion with every element precisely controlled with one goal in mind – to create an outstanding home theater experience for anyone who steps in the room.