Luxury Garage Home Cinema Installation Cheshire

Converting a Double Garage in to a Luxury Home Cinema Room in Cheshire

This unused double garage, measuring 18ft x 20ft (roughly 5.5m x 6m), has been transformed from an unloved space in to a luxury home cinema room capable of hosting friends and family in style. We have coverted the garage in to a home cinema with seating for 6 in absolute comfort and provided provision for two extras cinema-goers on bean bags. The bespoke cinema seating is supplied by our friends at Home Cinema Modules and is from the Sirius range with two individual seats flanking two double sofas.

Luxury Home Cinema Installation Cheshire
Luxury Home Cinema Installation Cheshire

The Cinema Design & Construction

The clients were keen to keep the external look of the house of the same – with the garage doors in place – so we orientated the room so that the internal false wall for the screen covered the garage doors. We house the Artcoustic speaker package – see below – behind the screen so this requires the screen wall to be 400mm deep which also allowed us to fully insulate and sound proof the garage doors. Even at reference level there is no noticeable sound leakage and this home is in a quiet area! The side walls are also fully lined and covered in lower profile stud work which allows us to incorporate both speakers and sound proofing / acoustic treatments in the walls. The end result is a very clean aesthetic with no technology on show whilst the acoustic treatments create an atmosphere which is near silent without a film playing. We even installed a heavy suede fabric on the ceiling which gives the illusion of clouds when lit by the dimmable LED strip lights installed in the built out coving. Every light in the cinema can be independently dimmed, with a Lutron intelligent lighting system creating the perfect viewing environment. Lighting scenes can be easily recalled at the touch of a button.

Garage Home Cinema Conversion
Garage Home Cinema Conversion

The Home Cinema System

This room is packed with technology – from the stunning 4K Sony Laser Projector through to the Artcoustic Surround Sound Speaker package but the budget was not as high as you might think. The beauty of utilising both the Sony projector and the Artcoustic speakers is that we can chose models from the range to suit most budgets. In this instance the projector is very much middle of the range with the only sacrifice being brightness. For this room, with no windows, there was no need to increase the budget as we can easily manage light levels. We also chose to install speakers from the middle of the Artcoustic range, with the decision being made to install more speakers rather than higher power versions. The result is a full 7.2.4 surround speaker system which sounds very immersive and performs stunning well – after all the room acoustics are designed to allow the system to perform at its absolute best.

Home Cinema Sofas and Seats
Home Cinema Sofas and Seats

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Luxury Home Cinema Sofas and Seats

As indicated above the home cinema seating in this project is special. We designed two love seats (double sofas) flanked by two individual seats – giving seating for six in absolute comfort. The Home Cinema Modules Sirius seating is hand made in Europe and has huge range of leather to chose from, enhanced by a stunning diamond pattern in key areas. A control panel on the arm rest allows motorised control of the back rest, head rest and foot rest – allowing clients to find the perfect position for extended viewing sessions. The arm rests even include drinks holders and USB power for the ultimate convenience!

Luxury Garage Home Cinema Room
Luxury Garage Home Cinema Room