Lutron Homeworks QSX – Intelligent Lighting Controls

An in depth look at the Lutron Homeworks QSX Lighting System

The Lutron Homeworks QSX ecosystem is very possibly the most intelligent lighting system available. More than just lighting control; the system can incorporate curtains and blinds, temperature controls, energy controls and even integrate third party audio visual devices and voice control technology such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It’s more than intelligent lighting, its a smart home system which has evolved and been perfected for more than 50 years.

Lutron Homeworks QSX Integration Options

The Homeworks QSX ecosystem allows convenient and intuitive control of many subsystems required in a modern home. It is extremely scalable to cater for hotel rooms right up to huge mansion houses. The backbone of any Lutron system is it’s lighting control and Homeworks QSX allows easy control of any type of light fitting – from tiny LED lamps through to huge colour changing light shows. All easily controlled at the touch of a button, a click on a remote control or a voice command. The system is easily expandable to control anything electrical in the home including, but not limited to:

  • Intelligent Lighting Controls
  • Automatic Blind & Curtains
  • Temperature Control
  • Audio Visual Controls
  • Energy Controls

Individual Room Controls in conjunction with Whole Home Control

A high end lighting control systems needs sophisticated controls and the Lutron range is huge and offers a solution for any usage requirement or interior design challenge. An array of keypad styles ensures a well placed button is available when required and a huge choice of finishes ensures a seamless design from plastic through to metal to glass. Buttons come pre-engraved ensuring the system is easy to use for guests and non-native language speakers in addition to the actual home owners and their family. Each keypad is fully customisable allowing control of lighting in the room but also special functions such as en-suite lighting from bedside keypads and all off switches by exit doors. The Lutron Connect app even allows geofencing using a clients mobile phone – approach home in the dark and the exterior and hall lights come on automatically! Leave home and the same system can switch off audio visual sources and revert to vacation mode – simulating clients at home so the house looks occupied. 

Lutron Keypad Options
Lutron Keypad Options

Lutron Sivoia QS Blinds & Curtains

Automated curtains and blinds are a fantastic addition to any lighting control system. They add a real wow factor in individual rooms but become invaluable in larger homes. Clients often install multiple coverings in each window – sheer blinds, blackouts and curtains. They allow easy closing or opening of window treatments throughout the property and can also be automated via time clocks or sunset / sunrise. We are fully trained Sivoia QS dealers who can handle the whole specification, installation and programming.

Lutron Sivoia QS Curtains Controls
Lutron Sivoia QS Curtains Controls

Audio Visual Control & Integration

Homeworks QSX allows easy control of whole home music systems such as Sonos – allowing music selection to be easily controlled by lighting keypads for individual room controls and allowing all of functions by entrance doors. We often integrate music systems with occupancy sensors so music starts in powder rooms as clients enter and then automatically switch off when the room is vacated. We have even switched on music systems in boot rooms to keep dogs entertained when homes are unoccupied – truly bespoke solutions are easy to create with systems this powerful! Neat touches like monitoring the light levels in cinema rooms and automatically closing blinds when required is all part of the service with a well designed system.

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Lutron Homeworks QSX Design, Installation, Support & Programming

We are fully Lutron Homeworks QS certified allowing us to design, install and program Lutron lighting control systems – this includes Sivoia QS Blinds and Curtain tracks. We specialise in designing systems for larger houses which present unique challenges with multiple lighting rack locations and complex equipment integrations such as swimming pools, hot tubs and saunas. The Lutron eco system is so diverse and accomplished that almost any electrical device in the home can be integrated. When designing a system we focus entirely on the end user – how will this system be used and how can we make the system as easy to use as possible. We often take over existing systems for both programming and maintenance – delivering systems which delight clients.

Where to buy Lutron Homeworks QSX Lighting Controls

Homeworks QSX is a trade only product as it requires programming by Lutron certified programmers. We are more than happy to quote for full projects or individual components on a fully installed or supply only basis, as required. Take a look at our main Lutron product page for more information or contact us, we would be happy to help.