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Crestron Lighting Controls: Lifetime Guarantee

The Crestron Lighting Control range is extremely powerful and flexible – and it comes with a lifetime guarantee! A Crestron lighting control system allows precise lighting levels in any room of the home and control any light fitting with a user friendly control system. Easy to use lighting keypads allow clients to recall lighting “scenes” where individual lamps in a room are set to a certain level, perfect for a certain task, and that lighting level can be recalled at the touch of a button. Consider a living room with multiple channels of lighting, a Crestron system allows clients to set up scenes for activites such as entertaining, tv watching, reading or cleaning. Each scene is easily recalled by tapping a button and clients can change lighting levels without an engineers involvement!

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Crestron Lighting Controls: Mood Lighting Controls

The Crestron DIN rail lighting control range is huge and allows dimming and control of any type of light fitting from a simple downlight through to colour changing LED strip lights. This flexibility allow us – as lighting designers – to create the perfect lighting scheme for a room with the knowledge that dimming will be easy. The DIN rail range is extremely scalable so we often design systems from a single room up to homes which span multiple buildings. We can design systems with remote lighting enclosures, minimising mains wiring requirements and allowing complete scalability. We build and test our lighting racks in our offices before shipping to site, allowing easy connection of the lighting channels by site electricians. We also have a range of Crestron wireless lighting controls which are perfect for retrofitting in to existing homes. We replace the traditional light switch with a wireless enabled keypad and then add remote dimmers to each of the lights in the room. This system can encompass all types of lights in a normal room from ceiling pendants through to table and floor lamps – giving the same functionality as the DIN rail lighting discussed above.

Crestron Lighting Keypads & Controls: Precise Control

The Crestron range of lighting keypads is huge which ensures a keypad to fit in to any interior design. Each keypad is simple to use and we design our lighting system to be easy to use for anyone, even visitors with no prior experience of a lighting control system. Lighting keypads can be ganged together if required to allow too areas to be controlled from one location – for example at the bottom of some stairs with one side controlling the stairs and the other the hallway. The keypads can be custom engraved so is obvious which each button does and the same keypad can control blinds and curtains too. Area buttons and all off switches increase the functionality allowing clients to light up multiple areas from a single button press at the main entrance door, for example. We normally install lighting keypads by doorways and bed heads to allow easy control and bed head keypads can have a button to bring on ensuite lights at a low level (and without a fan) for night time bathroom trips. Crestron even make a range of battery powered keypads to allow rooms to be upgraded and redesigned without the hassle of new cabling.
Other controls such as motion detectors, light level sensors and time clocks can all be incorporated in to the lighting control system ensuring it is intuitive and straight forward to use in day to day life whilst showing a clients home off at it’s absolute best.

FIVE times Crestron Integration Award Winners:

We are extremely proud to have won the prestigious Crestron Integration Awards for Five Consecutive years – making us unique in EMEA and awarding us Dealer of Distinction status.

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Crestron Curtain and Blind Controls: Convenient & Automatic

Crestron automated curtains and blinds are the perfect addition to a home and the icing on the cake of a lighting control system. Opening and closing blinds is as straightforward as tapping a button a lighting keypad and they can be set to open and close on a time schedule or in response to changing light levels. Closing blinds in reaction to high light levels can also have the benefit of lowering solar gain and therefore reducing the temperature in the room naturally which reduces the use of air conditioning. In rooms with multiple blinds they can be grouped to open and close in unison with individual control possible via a Crestron touch panel. Crestron manufacturer their own range of blinds and curtains – including a new battery powered range – with a huge variety of fabrics available. We also routinely incorporate third party manufacturers such as Somfy and Silentgliss.

Crestron Lighting Control Design & Programming: Fast & Reliable

As with other elements of a Crestron system the design is crucial to delivering a successful project. We are fully trained and accredited and use this knowledge, and our vast experience, to deliver stunning lighting control systems for each and every project. Please contact us to see how we can help your project!

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