Case Study: High End Crestron Installation Derby, AV, Lighting & HVAC


  • Crestron Integration Award Winner!
  • Huge Crestron AV System
  • 24 x Audio Zones
  • 16 x Video Zones
  • Crestron Intercom throughout the home & Garden
  • Crestron Lighting Control for Home &
  • 200+ Lighting Channels
  • 50+ Lighting Keypads
  • Full Security & CCTV Integration
  • Stunning Home Cinema Room
  • Full Heating & Air Conditioning Control

Crestron Award Winner – “Brilliant Lighting Control & Design”

This stunning new build in the Derby countryside benefits from a full Crestron Audio Video, Lighting, Security and HVAC system. A mixture of Crestron in-wall touchpanels and iPads allow easy control from anywhere in the home with bespoke interfaces designed to be simple to use by guests or family. This project was the first in the UK to use Crestron’s dimmable LED fittings, providing a full end to end solution. The technically astute owner of this project had already done huge amounts of research by the time of our first meeting. He knew that a Crestron system would enable him to run such a large house in an efficient and intuitive manner. As a new build, the client had the opportunity to install renewable energy solutions including systems such as heat recovery units and ground source heat pumps.

Crestron Lighting Control and HVAC:

This project was the first in the UK to specify and use the new range of Crestron LED fittings. Each light fitting uses approximately 18 watts yet produces as much light as a 50 watt halogen down light. In this project we have over 350 fittings, all controlled by a Crestron CAEN lighting system. Breaking the lighting in a room into individual circuits enables us to set lighting to predetermined levels, changing the mood of a room in an instant through a lighting keypad, a wall mounted touchpanel or an iPad. The client calculated that his whole home now uses the same amount of energy on lights as was previously used by just his kitchen and dining room! Our distributed approach means that a total of six lighting racks ensure easy cabling from the light fittings whilst providing redundancy and complete control. The third party HVAC system is seamlessly integrated, granting full authority over temperature and fan speed in any room, with sub menus allowing complete control of underfloor heating, air-conditioning and the heat recovery units.

Crestron HD Audio Video Distribution:

This property benefits from a full Crestron Digital Media HD distribution system, utilising Cat6 cabling to send HD audio and video around the home. A number of Sky HD receivers, Sony 4k Blu-Ray Players, PS4s and Apple TVs are distributed about the home with easy access from any TV to any source. The Digital Media system is complemented by the wonderful Crestron Sonnex system – a high end, multi-room audio system. The Sonnex system allows us to gang outputs together, even allowing one output to be designated as a subwoofer channel for a particular room. The system is finished by Speakercraft in-ceiling speakers and Samsung TVs, flawlessly controlled by CEC over HDMI from the Digital Media System.

Security, Fire and CCTV Integration:

The client’s high end, monitored security system is fully integrated into the Crestron system. Not only are images distributed though the Digital Media video system but a touchpanel can select, view and control any camera on the property. The large V15 panel in the kitchen can view multiple cameras at once, pan, tilt and zoom and also view past recordings via our integration with the security DVR. Internal and external security sensors can be monitored on the 15″ touchpanel floorplan with automatic CCTV ‘follow the motion logic’. Fire integration is a simple case of bringing lights on and muting audio video, should an alarm occur.

Crestron Intercom System:

Utilising TPS-6L 6″ touchpanels in key areas allowed us to distribute the gate intercom around the property. Answering the door bell, viewing the gate cam and opening the gate is possible from anywhere in the home.

Crestron Home Automation in Derby
Crestron Home Automation in Derby
Crestron Remote Control as part of Smart Home
Crestron Remote Control as part of Smart Home
Whole House Control via Crestron Touchpanel
Whole House Control via Crestron Touchpanel
Crestron Remote Control in Living Room
Crestron Remote Control in Living Room
Crestron iPad Control for Lighting
Crestron iPad Control for Lighting