Crestron Systems for Disabled Clients

How Home Automation Can Make Life Easier

A Crestron Home Automation system can make life a lot easier for clients with a disability such as reduced mobility, vision or hearing. A well installed system can increase independence and reduce the need for careers.

Exactly how can Crestron Home Automation help?

A Crestron system can control – and therefore automate – anything electrical in the home. One button press, or voice command, or time schedule can perform preset actions when required. For a person with limited movement something as simple as closing the curtains can be a struggle or require a visit from a career. With a Crestron system the curtains can automatically close at nightfall with lights coming on to a clients preferred level or they can close with a button press or a voice command – there are lots of options which may or may not suit depending on the disability. The ways automation can help is endless and each of our solutions is designed with a particular end client in mind, ensuring a bespoke system which meets a clients needs exactly. All interfaces to the system are custom designed and created so if a client has limited range of movement then buttons can be larger, if a client has limited vision then high contrast text can be used – whatever suits the particular client.
Harry Potter stuntman, David Holmes, explains more in this excellent Youtube Video:

Harry Potter stuntman David Holmes explains how automation helps

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Some Examples of Home Automation helping with Disability:

  • Closing of curtains and blinds – Easily achieved by a button press or a voice command – or closed automatically at nightfall.
  • Opening and closing of doors – All types of doors can be automated so entry and exit doors can be automated but also internal doors providing privacy and ease of access.
  • Security and Fire integration – For clients with vision or hearing issues alarms can be integrated in to lighting circuits to provide a visual stimulus and the aforementioned doors can automatically shut off the room with the source of the fire – providing a means of escape.
  • Shower and Bath integration – voice command of showers and baths can automatically provide water at the correct temperature and the voice command ensures no fiddly controls to master.
  • Communications – Phoning and emailing contacts can easily be performed by talking to devices rather than typing, opening up a world of communication options.
  • Audio Video controls – the new Crestron remote controls feature voice commands so simply talking to the remote control can allow clients to view their favourite TV show, watch the latest block buster or catch up on the latest pod cast for work.
  • Heating and Cooling Controls – The same remote control, or touchpanel, allows voice command of heating and cooling systems allowing clients to set a more comfortable temperature or turn up the ventilation system.
  • Lighting Controls – our traditional lighting control systems add convenience by allowing a simple button press to control all the lighting in a room or zone but with the addition of voice commands then this even easier.
  • Human tracking – We can even go one stage further and track the location of the client in the home – enter a room and the lights will come on and the heating will be set to the correct temperature. If the client was listening to music in the room they have come from we can bring this through to the new room. As clients approach doors they can open automatically – even entrance doors with a voice based confirmation if approaching from inside the home.
  • Intercoms and door access – Easy communication with the front door or gate allows clients to talk to and view visitors before choosing whether to open the door or not.
Crestron for Disabled Clients
Crestron for Disabled Clients


Crestron Home Automation can seriously improve the quality of life for clients with disabilities – the above information is only a starting point – anything is possible and we love to design systems which meet clients needs. Feel free to get in touch to see how one of our systems could revolutionise your life.