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Crestron AV: The Most Powerful Multi-Room Audio Video System Available

The Crestron Audio Video Ecosystem is incredibly powerful and flexible. The system is incredibly scalable – from single room to a multibuilding university campus –
and allows easy distribution over standard IT networking technologies such as Cat5e, Cat6 and Fiber. This is an incredibly flexible solution so a video signal in one building can be transmitted and displayed on many screens a huge distance away. Audio from that video stream can then be received, decoded and played by an audio receiver anywhere on the network. Video is displayed at the receiving display with no loss of quality and audio can transmit, decode and play the majority of audio formats which are built in to consumer devices.
No other manufacturer makes this level of audio video distribution.

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Crestron NAX – Audio Distribution: Power Audio Distribution

The new Crestron NAX is a game changer. This audio solution is infinitely scalable and incredibly powerful. The backbone of the Crestron NAX relies on standard networking topologies and allows amplifiers to be placed anywhere on the network – allowing amplifiers to be installed closer to the speakers. The amplifiers can all be programmed to work in unison for things like part modes (selected audio channels playing the same source) or each channel can play independently. The NAX amplifiers even have streaming services built in to the amplifier so each channel of audio, each room, can have a separate stream of music! Scale this up to a large property with multiple audio zones and the flexibility becomes apparent – now there is no restriction on the music enjoyed by clients!
The truly remarkable feature provided by Crestron NAX is the ability to hook in to an audio stream from a Crestron NVX transmitter. This means a TV receiver installed in a rack can have its audio played back by the multi-room audio amplifier installed in a remote location – a great way to enhance audio for a TV zone.

Crestron NVX – Video Distribution: Picture Perfect

The Crestron NVX Video Distribution is a game changer! The NVX system runs over standard IT networks allowing very easy deployment – anywhere you have a network port can be NVX enabled. Video signals from sources in the rack or in rooms can be distributed to one receiver or many – allowing many TVs to watch the same source or they can all route independent video sources – an incredibly flexible soluton! Things like games consoles installed in rooms can be sent to the local TV or projector with audio de-embedded and played back through the high end speakers installed as part of the NAX audio system. The flexibility allows things like a clients TV receiver (and recordings) to follow them round the house, allowing a program to be paused in one room and continued in another. It also allows the Mirror TV in the bathroom to have exactly the same video choices as the projector in the cinema!

FIVE times Crestron Integration Award Winners:

We are extremely proud to have won the prestigious Crestron Integration Awards for Five Consecutive years – making us unique in EMEA and awarding us Dealer of Distinction status.

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Crestron Audio Video Design & Programming: AV Done Properly

As a Crestron trained and accredited dealer we are used to designing, installing and programming large Crestron Audio Video systems, primarily for the home market. Although the system is very flexible care must be taken in the initial design to ensure a fully flexible end result. Contact Us to see how we deliver a truly stunning audio video system for your property!

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