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Crestron Home Automation systems are industry leading, equipping smart homes for over 50 years. The Crestron product range covers every requirement of a modern smart home and is fully modular, allowing clients to pick elements which interest them. Covering elements such as multi-room audio video, lighting controls, curtain and blind controls. heating controls and security the Crestron eco system has it all. In fact Crestron can control almost anything electrical, allowing any electrical device to be added in to the smart home – increasing convenience, efficiency and ease of use!

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Crestron Home Automation: Add Convenience & Efficiency to your smart home

Home automation means different things to different people but we define it as a control system which sits over the top of electrical devices in the home, adding convenience, efficiency and ease of use. Automating devices in a smart home ensures devices work together and in harmony, for example ensuring air conditioning and underfloor heating work together rather than wasting energy. This approach can be further enhanced by closing blinds in rooms which suffer from solar gain to reduce temperature gain rather then using air conditioning. A Crestron home automation system sits over the top of other devices in the home so a single Crestron touch screen can allow easy control of many devices – a simple temperature set point can control heating, cooling and fresh air fans – this makes it incredibly easy to use without any training and for non english speakers.

Crestron Heating & Cooling Controls: Increase Comfort

There are many ways that heating and cooling systems can be integrated in to a Crestron smart home system. Crestron manufacturer a range of thermostats which work as stand alone controls for underfloor heating and air conditioning. In addition to working stand alone they can also be networked allowing whole house logic to be applied, resulting in efficiencies and savings. More complex heating systems, cooling systems and renewable energy systems may have their own control system which Crestron can integrate with, enhancing the standard offering, allowing centralised control and also applying another logic layer (providing information such as presence detection or synergies with other systems in the home)

FIVE times Crestron Integration Award Winners:

We are extremely proud to have won the prestigious Crestron Integration Awards for Five Consecutive years – making us unique in EMEA and awarding us Dealer of Distinction status.

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Crestron Renewable Energies: Maximise Return & Efficiencies

Renewable energies are becoming more and more common in smart homes and this is a trend which looks likely to continue. In addition to “standard” integrations of renewable heating and cooling solutions we also regularly integrate heat recovery systems which extract warm air from a property and replace it with fresh air. Heat recovery units exchange the heat from the expelled air and warm the incoming fresh air, creating a healthy environment in the home. Our home automation systems build on this principal by combining with the heating system, using the warmed air to prewarm spaces and direct air to areas it is required most. Intelligent use of renewal energy sources can amplify the benefits hugely and make the most efficient use of resources available.

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