Crestron Home OS 3

Crestron Pyng Upgraded & Enhanced!

In this blog post we explained about how Crestron Pyng is revolutionising the Home Automation market – quickly becoming a must have for the modern networked home! The imminent release of OS3 (UPDATE – Released and available on the app store as of September 2019!!) brings a huge amount of improvements and changes – as well as a rebrand, welcome to Crestron Home OS3! Check out the video below!

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What are the changes from Pyng to Crestron Home?

  • New Processor – The new Crestron Home solution is hugely powerful and runs a lighting fast user interface (see below) this requires an upgrade to the new Crestron Home processor which is approximately twice as powerful as the old Pyng processor (the CP3-R).
  • New Interface – The new Crestron Home interface is stunning! Apparently Crestron have invested huge amounts of money and time in to designing the perfect interface and it shows – this is a class leading interface which easily rivals and beats other home automation systems. We can easily demo this interface to clients using an iPad – try the system in advance and see exactly how easy it is to use!
  • Flexibility – The above interface will happily run on your mobile phone or tablet in addition to in-wall touchpanels and keypads – great for when you want to pre-warm the home ready for your arrival or when you want to change the music playing throughout the garden!
  • Powerful – The new Crestron Home solution will build on the Crestron Pyng solution to offer multi-room audio video, lighting control, heating and even intercoms and access control. In fact the Crestron Home solution is so flexible you can easily integrate anything electrical – garage doors, gates, irrigation systems and saunas!
Crestron Home OS 3 Interfaces
Crestron Home OS 3 Interfaces

Crestron Home will be a substantial upgrade for any clients currently running Pyng with only a small processor upgrade unlocking the power of Crestron Home and it will also directly challenge wizard driven home automation systems from the likes of Savant, Lutron, Control 4 and RTI. The killer feature being that Crestron Home can also work with a fully bespoke Crestron system for the more demanding projects where clients need something a little different!

New Crestron Home Processor – CP4-R

All this new functionality means a lot more processing power is required – hence the need for Crestron to introduce the brand new Crestron Home OS3 specific processor – the CP4-R with huge amounts of processing power and memory compared to the outgoing CP3-R. This provides for a quick and response system, even when using iPad and android controls. The below infographic explains the differences.

Crestron Processor Comparison Chart
Comparing the old Crestron Pyng Processor with the new Crestron Home OS3 version.

If you have an existing Crestron system (either Pyng or a custom installation) then please do contact us to discuss upgrading – the benefits are huge!