An in depth look at Trinnov Audio

Why Choose a Trinnov Home Cinema?

OK, You are in the market for a Home Cinema to be installed in your home by a home cinema installation company. Why would you choose a Trinnov system? What does it offer over a high end AVR from the likes of Anthem or Denon? It costs a fortune so how does it justify the price? Read on…

First Comes the Home Cinema Design

When we install home cinema rooms we want the room to be as immersive as possible – for the time you are watching the film you should be 100% focused on the experience – the room, seating and lights should all blend in to the background and the film should be center stage. This is the reason we specify really comfy cinema seats, huge projector screens and work so hard on the lighting design (although we also use the lighting to get a sense of excitement and anticipation before the film starts). The visual experience is relatively easy to handle – a huge screen with the brightest and highest resolution projector the budget can afford. The newer 4K (and soon to be released 8K!) projectors are like looking through a window.

Home Cinema Room Surrey
Home Cinema Room Surrey

The audio experience needs to enhance things further. We have a number of tricks to really tie the audio and video together and ensure a very natural experience for the cinema goer:

  • Install front speakers behind the actual screen so sound is tied to the action.
  • Install surround speakers for every row of seating to ensure a uniform experience (no matter where in the room you are sat you should enjoy the same experience).
  • – Install over head speakers – speakers above the viewer literally add another dimension to the experience!

The above approach really works for a Trinnov system or a standard AVR so where does Trinnov add value?

Trinnov Configuration Software
Trinnov Configuration Software

Consider the above cinema room with 30 audio channels and 2 subwoofers – the blue squares are speakers installed in the walls, the green squares are ceiling speakers and the orange squares are subwoofers. Think about this from the point of view of the immersive experience we are trying to create – the number of speakers removes dead spots and creates a full surround sound experience which is completely unrivalled by any standard AVR.

Now consider that the above diagram is actually for one of the smaller Trinnov systems – for larger rooms we install systems with up to 48 channels of audio!

The real benefit to a Trinnov system

Trinnov 3D Microphone
Trinnov 3D Microphone

Installing all the speakers above is a huge benefit of a Trinnov system but it is not the actual thing which Trinnov excels in! Trinnov have some exceedingly clever software and a 3D microphone which maps the room and calibrates the speakers perfectly to ensure the best possible audio for a given room. We design our cinema rooms with acoustics in mind so the Trinnov calibration has the best opportunity to deliver stunning results.

One specific area where Trinnov really shows up the competition is bass management – we see huge numbers of cinema systems where bass is almost on and off – an action scene comes along and all of a sudden the bass kicks in. These rooms can be good fun in the short term (who doesn’t like there trousers vibrating!) but the effect can quickly get tiring. A Trinnov system has a number of techniques to handle this element properly:

  • Properly calibrating the room – The Trinnov system balances speakers perfectly even ensuring the phase of speakers is correct (this is technical but sound which bounces off a wall changes characteristics which isn’t always good!).
  • Subwoofers aren’t just low frequency channels. Films have a low frequency channel (which is the bit mentioned above and crash in when action happens) but the front, surround and height channels are full range too and in lesser cinema rooms these low frequencies are often discarded altogether! Trinnov handles the audio properly so we can install subwoofers to enhance the surround channels making a much nicer and immersive experience.

We hope this blog post has given some idea why the Trinnov solution is a cut above any competition and how it justifies its place in our finest cinema rooms. We believe demonstrations are important so we have access to demonstration facilities around the world – contact us to arrange a demonstration.