Crestron Questions Answered.

Answers to the Most Common Crestron Questions

We have answered the most common questions asked about Crestron Home Automation systems so whether you have just heard the term and need to know what it is or you have a complete Crestron system installed in your home, the answer is below!

  • What is Crestron? Crestron are a US based manufacturer of Home Automation systems. They have been in business for over 50 years.
  • What is a Crestron System?A Crestron system is a smart home ecosystem which sits over the top of electrical devices in the home – providing convenience and energy savings. A Crestron system provides a simple interface for multiple sub systems such as lighting, heating, audio video and more!
  • How does Crestron work? Think of Crestron like an umbrella sitting over the top of electrical devices in the home. The aim is to increase convenience and save energy.
  • How Much does Crestron Cost? The central brain of the system can be bought for as little as £1,000 and then the various elements are modular based so a single room of audio might be £150. Complex systems for very large houses with very complex requirements can be many tens of hundreds of thousands.
  • What does Crestron Connected Mean? We use this term to describe one of the electrical devices in the home being under the control of the main processor.
  • How do you Buy Crestron? You can only buy Crestron equipment through an authorised dealer – like us. This is to ensure a quality installation. Hobbyist solutions do exist – Google Home Automation.
  • How do you program Crestron? – The homeowner doesn’t. Crestron needs specific software to program it and this is only available to the Crestron dealer network. Clients can perform some customisation of things like lighting levels without dealer support.
  • What is Crestron Digital Media? Digital Media (and the newer NVX technologies) are video distribution solutions. They send video over inexpensive cables around the home.
  • Why Choose Crestron? No other home automation system is as flexible. Anything electrical can be integrated in to a Crestron system providing convenience and energy savings.
  • Does Apple Integrate with Crestron? Yes! Apple iPads can be used to control a Crestron system and Apple TVs can be natively controlled and used with Siri voice commands. The Crestron TSR-310 even comes with Siri integration as standard!
  • Why would I want a Touchpanel over an iPad? We usually install at least one wired touchpanel per project for the simple reason they are wired (so more reliable than wifi can be) and they dont move and can’t be dropped. Our higher end projects also use the touchpanels as intercoms, iPads dont offer the same functionality.
  • How much is the iPad app for Crestron? £79. This is expensive when compared to some other apps but this unlocks the potential of a full Crestron home automation system and can be used both in and out of the home!
  • Who owns Crestron Source Code? As a company who offers Freelance Crestron Programming to clients with existing systems we come across this question a lot! Our stance is that the client owns the code once payment is made. We have seen cases were the end client has paid an intermediary (Project Manager, Interior Designer, Builder etc) and the monies haven’t made there way to the programmer. This awkward situation can easily be rectified by end users insisting on dealing directly with the programmer or dealer. The more people in the middle the less chance there is of a successful delivery (in our experience).
  • Where to buy Crestron? This is easy – just get in touch with us via our contact form or phone us, we often sell direct.
  • Can I buy Crestron on-line?We dont sell online as such as but we do sell hardware direct. Contact us to discuss how we can help.
  • How do you reboot or reset a Crestron system? The main processor of any Crestron system will have a HW-R button and a SW-R button on it (hardware reset and software reset). Pressing the HW-R will reset the processor and cause the program to reload. We normally recommend people switch power off to the whole rack to ensure every device is restarted. This may clear the issue but the issue should not happen at all, if it repeats then please get in touch with us and we can resolve it for you.

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